How I Started Is Anyone Up!?

Is Anyone Up!?

The Beginning:

There is so much to write here, Is Anyone Up!? and its story is so fucked up,weird and awesome. The site was one long event so I feel like it deserves its very own book. If you were never a part of the site at any point in its 16 month life span, I feel really sorry for you. I am honestly not even sure how to start to explain the birth,life and death of is anyone up!? . I am sitting here texting people and asking if anyone would care to read about the site still, but you know what? We changed the internet and inspired laws all over the western world with is anyone up!? and all the drama and all the hype. It all started with just wanting to see what a bitch looked like naked before spending the rest of the night sending the same texts I sent the last girl and finally getting to smash her out, to only being disappointed with the way she looked like naked or if her pussy smelled. Is Anyone Up!? was the answer to the post-myspace era and the beginning of the facebook privacy settings. If you are old like me, you will remember the straight orgy that that MySpace was. Getting pussy on myspace was like fishing with grenades. This was before twitter and instagram or number of followers really mattered. Having a ton of friends was whatever, but even with your 190 “friends” on myspace. You could still send a girl a message and end up fucking her by the end of the night in your car. I would drive all over california fucking girls I met on myspace in the early 2005-2006. It got to the point where I would try to fuck 2-3 girls in a day from myspace and It just became the regular thing after awhile. I used myspace to travel the world and stay at people’s houses in random countries. I used myspace to fuck 11 girls in 3 days in long beach during a hair show I was supposed to attend for school. I had girls passing each other in the lobbies after I fucked them and the new one was coming up. Myspace allowed me to actually use social networking on the internet for what it was intended for. Meeting people with similar interest. I met some of my best friends from myspace and some of the loves of my life from it, people put myspace down because it’s no longer cool but myspace was special and it changed my life dramatically and I know it did for others as well. Myspace was the golden age of social media… ok, maybe not the golden age. Everyone’s page looked like geocities came all over it. With all the html editing and shitty songs that would autoplay. Myspace music was everything. Myspace bands still are going strong 10 years later and still influencing pop culture. Tom you will forever be an internet saint. Ok ok this is not about myspace, its about Is Anyone Up!? In the beginning of 2010, I had just moved back from Sydney, Australia. I spent every dollar I had won from my sexual harassment settlement on partying all over the world and I had to come back to my parents house. I was miserable.I didn’t go get my cosmetology license after graduating from beauty school and I had forgotten all the state board procedures I learned. I couldn’t even afford to buy a dvd set to teach me again as a refresher and was too ashamed to ask my parents for the 190$ or whatever it was for the dvd discs. I went from living like a king to living at home and hardly being able to pay basic bills like my phone bill or even get gas. I had no education and no money. I knew I wanted to do something big but I just didn’t know what to do. I was confused. I still had tons of friends in San Francisco, so i would still drive out there and party. I would ask my parents for 40$ here and there just for gas money to get to San Francisco and back for the night. I started promoting at a club called Vessel, in downtown San Francisco. Great cub. It was tucked in a alleyway in union square. Gordon from Vessel always treated me like a friend and always so nice to me even though I was a misfit in their club.I was a scene kid promoting at a euro deep house club. I wore all black and no sleeves to the club and everyone else wore that weird shit euro people wear like dudes in flared jeans and tucking their shirt in but only in the front though so you can see their stupid ass belt buckle. I made Vessel my home, I didn’t make too much money there. Maybe a 100$ a night and free drinks and a bottle from time to time. Not enough to pay for anything, maybe just gas and food. I started promoting at other clubs but nothing that paid anything. San francisco is not a city to party in. The whole city shuts down at 10 pm. Even today, at 10pm there is no one in the city. It’s like a ghost town. It’s so weird. The nightlife is pretty much hit or miss and very segregated. it’s hard having a successful night there. Anyway, I am getting off topic, but I was having a really hard time and was very depressed. I borrowed 200$ from my friend Steve to start a nightlife site to pay for a year of hosting in advance and get the domain. I had a hard time finding a name for the site but I called it Is Anyone Up!? The name just came from me posting that every night at 2 in the morning on facebook. I made the site and posted some articles and that’s about it. Nothing came of it and I eventually deleted the whole site and it just sat there for 6 months empty and not doing anything. I just grinded away during that time, throwing parties and trying to not kill myself. I remember my friend Joanthan Lally at the time wanted to get on ichat to see pictures of this girl I was fucking. Her name was…fuck what was her name. I think it was Evelyn or something like that. She was dating or engaged to some semi famous myspace band dude. She had an amazing body, kind of a horse face but it didn’t matter, her body was on point. She’d be that girl on instagram now with 500k thousand followers taking pictures of her ass with a booking email in her bio. What do they even book those girls to do anyway? It has to be some low key escort hoe shit. ok back to the story, Joanthan Lally wanted to see this girls nudes. I was like aight man lemme mob upstairs and get my macbook. So we get on ichat and We are cam’ing and talking shit and I didn’t want him to save the nudes. On iChat you can drag and drop an image so everyone in the cam session can see the picture but can’t save it. So i did that and it wouldn’t work. So we did the whole restart and re-connect bullshit like ten times. So i was like yo let me get my phone and e-mail them to him or something. This was before the iphone would let you picture text. Remember that bullshit!? so fucking stupid. So I get downstairs and as I am walking up the stairs after grabbing my phone and I run back up stairs and Joanthan Lally told me he didn’t want them in his e-mail because his girlfriend would check and get mad and he wanted to save them.

I was wondering how I was going to show him the pictures and was about to give up and I remembered “is anyone up” and how it was on a wordpress blog. not the free wordpress but the plugin for your server. whatever, its nerd shit. No one even knew what the site was or would ever know the site existed but us. So I posted them on there and a few days later he posted some other girl he fucked that I wanted to see naked and then I added a few more then he added more and so on and so on. I started telling a few other friends about it and they all started adding to it. I told Brodie Hayer aka Wildcatbrodie about the site and he went fucking insane and posted bitches like a mad man. We only would put first names and sometimes we would write funny shit about them. There was no search function, nothing. it was just for the homies.

I remember it was like November when we started posting on there because I had photoshop’d a turkey head on this girls pussy lips because her pussy looked like that thing that hangs off the turkey’s head. you know that saggy thing? I kinda kicked back on posting because Christmas and it wasn’t a daily thing to even check. We would just text each other if we posted someone new on it or something. I remember sitting in my living room during christmas and talking to my dad and I wanted to check how many people visited the site. At this point the site was online a little over a month old as far as us posting on it almost regularly between maybe 6 or 7 people. So I login to the shitty little analytic site that I had put on there back when it was just a night life website or tried to be. You know to check how many people had visited the site recently. What I saw I thought was a joke or had to be wrong, it had said fourteen thousand visitors and some change just for that day. I remember looking at my dad and being like “what the fuck fourteen thousand people went to my site today!?”. That was it, I remember being like “yo I can make money doing this!”. Iv built shitty little sites my whole life and it’s just general knowledge that if you’re site is generating ten thousand unique visitors a day, you can make money off selling ad space. A day goes by and I check my e-mail and see an e-mail saying that the host has taken my website offline because I was hosting porn. I went from the highest of highs to being all pissed off and on a low. Looking back on it, it was a clear warning of what was to come. I searched around and found some shitty hosting for 9$ a month. I was so broke I couldn’t even pay for the 9$ hosting but they were having a deal that the first month was 1 cent if you signed up for the 9$ a month. So I did, I was in luck because I remember having like 25 cents or something in my bank account.I deal with all that bullshit and had to transfer the domain over and had to deal with some other boring bullshit but a few days later the site was back and all the homies were happy to be creeping again. Some of the homies were cupcakin constantly, like they wanted to be scumbags but weren’t, just posers. the type of dudes who take their girl for a walk and when you text them they just ignore you or when they get a girlfriend they can’t be your friend anymore or anyone’s friend really. They would post a girl and get all gay about shit and take them down and would piss everyone off. So I had to find a way to let anyone post, I didn’t want to have to make everyone an account like I had been doing to post and wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t fuck up the rest of the site and if someone got pussy whooped and wanted to take someone down for,for whatever reason. They couldn’t mess with the site because once a titty was posted it’s now there and not going anywhere. My friend Joanthan Lally would always hate a girl he just posted one day and love her the next and want her post taken off then posted again. I had to change that asap.The more I thought about the cupcakin problem I realized I needed to add a submission form for anyone to use, it would take care of the cupcakes and if a homie of a homie wanted to post they could. I added the submission form and no one used it for at least a week. People were scared I think. I asked for a lot of information and really just focused on making sure the people they were posting were 18. That’s the only thing I really cared about as far as submitting.I wasn’t going to get in trouble because they were creepy as fuck or a bitch lied to them about their age. Fuck all that. Post all the fat bitches you fuck with just make sure her fat ass is 18. I remember Brodie Hayer aka Wildcatbrodie would call me and ask me to post a bunch of girls for him. This was like 2 weeks after I switched it to the submission forum. Even my friends were afraid of it and wanted me to change it back to just us and the personal accounts. I went and asked the lawyer who helped me with my sexual harassment case if I should turn it back to just my friends but I remember him saying “if your friends post something illegal it’s not them that will get in trouble. it will be you because it’s on your server.” So I remember getting a 12 pack of corona and wanted to figure out how i could keep the site going without me being liable for the shit other people posted on my site. A few hours in, I was googling for internet laws. I am half retarded so half the shit I was reading was in that legal language I can’t understand. I was getting pretty close to finishing my beers and was thinking about how does tumblr let these cam girls and other people post nudes and not get in trouble and at that time tumblr had mad stickam screencap videos floating around at the time and you knew for a fact those bitches were not legal. So by lurking internet forums I found the communications decency act section 203 or 230, I don’t really remember but one of those. Basically it says website owners are not liable for the content users post.

After awhile the homies started posting girls again and the site started getting talked about a lot more throughout San francisco and Sacramento. The first girl to get mad was the first girl to ever be posted, that Evlyn girl. After a few months of being posted someone told her about it and she flipped out and told me she was going to have someone kill me and they would be waiting outside my house with guns. She lived in Utah, and I’m pretty sure there are no gangster mormons willing to ride their bikes to my house in California and kill me. That was when I realised people were actually talking about the site and it wasn’t just random creepy dudes who happen to find the site online. It was actually people in our scene who are finding the site. We had all types of girls on the site. Mostly anyone who went to parties or clubs. Bro hoes,scene sluts and hipster bitches made up 80% of the site at that time and the other 20% were random fat or ugly bitches who were just casualties the homies took down and thought they had funny looking tits or something and wanted everyone to see. The site didn’t really grow much for a while after that, it did in our group of friends. Just not much outside of that or the internet as a whole. That 14 thousand visitors back in december was because someone posted the link on some body building forum. The traffic kind of just bounced around 8-9 thousand a day. I had to switch hosting services all the time because of traffic. I needed to start making money so I hired this kid DJ that my friend Jonathan lally knew to help me make money. He did porn ad’s for tube sites. So he blasted all these shitty ads everywhere with huge dicks enhancement ads on the side and the bottom of the site. I made $500 off a banner ad from some shitty porn site and made him take all the other porn ads off. The server bill was looking like 100-160$ a month at that time so I thought id just put the $500 off to the side for the server bill. I ended up getting rid of the Dj kid because he kept putting dick ads up even after i told him not to. It just cheapened the site, I knew I could make money off the site but adding those ads just made the site not cool and just another shitty spam porn site. During this same time is when the first girl’s starting posting guy’s on the site. Which was weird as fuck for me because Brodie Hayer aka Wildcatbrodie was one of the first guys to be posted and seeing your boy trying to look sexy in his nudes with his dick and balls out is just weird as fuck and gay. super gay. Once I posted the first couple of guy’s is when the site went from 8-9 thousand unique visitors a day to around 16 – 20 thousand on some days. It’s weird because I thought girls hated looking at our dicks, or maybe they were there to judge the other girls and the guy’s being posted were just the way to get them to the site. I didn’t know or understand it. traffic was out of hand, I had so much traffic during the peak hours (6pm – 9pm Sunday – Thursday) that the server admin from the company I was renting the server space from called me directly and told me he had to shut down site because I was on a shared server and all the resources were going to my site and other sites couldn’t be accessed with my site on the server. So for the 2nd time the site was gone. I couldn’t afford a dedicated server. I was still throwing parties in the city at the time and scraped $400 to pay the setup fee and one month for hosting for the site. It was down maybe 2 weeks? At the time no one but my friends knew it was my site. So they were the only ones who bugged me about putting it back up. I wasn’t in a rush but I knew I needed to get it back up. So the site comes back and traffic came back within a few days. The site was still a fetus. We didn’t even have comments on the site. I didn’t even know the power that I had. I was just kind of ignorant to what I had created. During this time a few friends of mine who posted would always disappear on posting then come out of nowhere and post about 5 or 6 girls at once and one of the girls was named April. This bitch was bad as fuck, I was in love with her body the second I saw it. I never fapped to pictures, i’m not a savage. Tubes sites all day but god damn that bitch was bomb as fuck. She was little and had to be mexican and white with a fat ass and hella tone with big ass titties with those nipples that kind blend in but you can still see them. God damnnnnnn she was bad. Had one of those innie vag’s. You know the kind with no guts or lips hanging out or when they stand and do those mirror nude shots and it looks like they have a little peen just chillin. Nope, she had one of those perfect innie ones. My friend posts her, and she gets mad of course and a few days before I had just put a contact e-mail on the submission forum. It was all ghetto looking and small on the page because more people started posting. I wanted to make it as har dto find it as possible and I was hoping no one would use the email. She did, and she asked for the pictures to be taken down and who posted them. I remember saying I have no idea who posted them but to leave her number and i’ll text her when they are down. This was before everyone had smart phones and could check their e-mail 24/7. this was like when 3g just came out or something. So I snaked a way to get her number and so I get home and take them down and text her that they are down and we started talking. I tell her who I am and she adds me on facebook and tells me she used to live in Sacramento but goes to school in Chico now and that I should come see her and hang out. I drive up there that night and we drink and I smash her out and she wakes up and cries about how she loves her boyfriend and I should leave. I was so bummed, I wanted to smash her the whole weekend. That’s how bad she was, I never fuck girls more than once. So on the drive home, I realized what I just pulled and how is anyone up!? was not just a way to get me pussy and play that gay white knight role by taking down girls pictures when they ask and fucking them after but it was a real resource for everyone, guys and girls.It’s human nature to gossip and the site took it to a whole new level. This was still only about 3 or 4 months into the site so all this was happening really fast. I started adding my own little touch to the site, so when people would post someone I would post a reaction picture to their nudes or something weird. This was before memes are what they are and people were digging that funny little addition to the post and traffic started going crazy from just adding that little thing. I took it a step further and started adding .gifs at the end of each post. It became a staple of is anyone up!? after that. Coming up with a perfect gif for every post was a pain in the fucking ass and now people can make them so easy and there is sites dedicated to it. Before you had to go into adobe after effects or whatever adobe program it was. And create them frame by frame. So I would go on 4chan and look for funny gifs in the YLYL(you laugh you lose) threads and hope they had something that went with a semi fat chick with long tits shoving her hairbrush in her ass for someone she just met online. I started to realise,my little touch to the site made it even bigger and maybe if i post my own stuff or stories or something anything could be really big for the site and for me. I knew I had an audience now and maybe I could start posting other things than just the users posting guys and girls nudes. Yes and GUYS, for some reason it’s really convenient for these news sites to not report on that. There were more guys than girls. No one feels bad for guys though. Nor does it help push whatever agenda they have. Some dudes dick getting posted on some site doesn’t exactly drive traffic.

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Written by Hunter