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How To Throw A Sex Party

I think I talked about coming home from Australia really really poor before but I think when I did move back I had maybe only $900 left out of the 300,000 I originally had. I had to sell my MacBook to pay my phone bill. Remember that black one that Apple used to sell? I sold it for a thousand dollars to my friend Evan by the Bay. RIP. He died a month or two after I started Is Anyone Up. I put $200 from selling my MacBook on my phone bill. The rest I bought a plane ticket to New York City to party for weekend . Yeah my priorities weren’t really in order. It was hard being a normal person again

I was so used to living like a king ,traveling the world and barebacking everything. I spent $300,000 in about a year, it was an amazing year though. When I was sitting in prison I’d always smile thinking about all that crazy shit I did and it was all possible because I got molested by 400 pound fag at shitty retail store. so yeah I was poor so poor couldn’t pay my bills. I was back at my parents and I sold everything I could just to do simple shit. To be honest I remember being so desperate for cash I hit up a gay homie to see how much I could get to let a dude suck my dick. I never did it but he said maybe hundred dollars yeah fuck that at least 200 was needed no homo.

So I would sit on Facebook all day before all the old people start using it and would play DOTA, Warcraft 3 mod and jack off. That’s all I did all day .I remember dropping my phone the iPhone 3G. Yeah this was a while ago and my screen was broken I couldn’t see shit or barely use it. you know how sometimes the screen cracks and life can go on but you know how sometimes it cracks and life can go on? Well it was beyond that I could read texts just not type. I didn’t have an upgrade left and I had no money to buy a new one. Now at this point I’m really needing money I’m sure I could have asked my parents but I didn’t want to admit I spent all that money I won from my rape case. I would look retarded. At this time I was chatting it up with this hoe on Facebook her name was “Tina “. One of those friends of a friends online. She always commented on my shit and she seemed like someone I could smash, but wouldn’t tell anyone because she’s kinda ugly and kinda fat but if you hit her up to suck your dick she would be right over type.

So one of those nights happen where I just needed my dick sucked and jacking off wasn’t cutting it .so I hit her up and she tells me she has a boyfriend but “they’re fighting “. She heads over and she’s a little fatter than her pictures a little uglier but whatever she’s already here so fuck it. We just chill and i open up one of my parents wine bottles and we get kinda get fucked up. She kept trying to make out but she’s too ugly to kiss so whatever. She sucks on my dick and it was awesome but then!!! she licked my ass, like pinned my legs over my head and everything. You feel so vulnerable when you’re like that. So Scary yet so free. Anyway she’s obviously a huge whore and strokes me off while licking my ass. I nut like 35 feet in the air and it sprinkles all over my face when I comes down. No Homo. After about 10 minutes after I nut she’s gone, she’s perfect. I don’t hear from her after this for a few weeks. I wasn’t really trying to hit her up anyway.

After a few weeks go by get a text from her randomly “hey this is weird but will you come to the sex party with me?” I’m like in my head I’m like “what the fuck!? It’s so weird you know? she’s like “I know it sounds weird but I canโ€™t ask my boyfriend. I need someone to come with me.” I told her “yeah ok just pay for my gas” she was down. Then the next night I go pick her up to take her to the sex party. I started asking her questions in the car like how she found out about it and what do people do at the party ? just fuck ? you walk in and get your dick out or what?? she was like” I found this ad on Craigslist saying they need hostesses for adult parties and you get $200 just for showing up. I don’t know if everyone’s fucking but he said there’s usually 25 to 30 people there at at a time”. We pull up to this decent not completely shitty hotel. Tina kept saying she was nervous. I’m just so confused like what the fuck am I walking into right now ??so she calls the dude to tell him we are here and he gives her the room number. We head up and find the hotel. We sorta stood in front of the hotel door waiting for each other to knock. I go ahead and knock and like two seconds later this tall blonde naked haggard lady in her early 40s answers the door. She looked like at one time she was really hot but had been rode hard and put away wet and maybe we had one or two many cigarettes.

She put her hand out and is like “Tina?” Tina’s like “oh my god hi !” and we walk and I introduce myself I think? I don’t know whatever but what I do remember is walking into an awkward room with two other girls in the bedroom getting fucked by four dudes and like 15 other dudes naked in the living room drinking soda and just chilling. Two seconds later this old Jewy looking dude “Jerry” is like running up naked with a Boner “hey Tina its Jerry glad you can make it” he turns to the dudes chillin naked and is like “everyone this is Tina and this is her first night” and everyone goes “hey Tina” I like it some AA meeting.

So I awkwardly go sit down on the couch, so confused. Tina is the star of the show just meeting all these old naked dudes. Apparently the blonde one was Jerry’s wife and their swingers and run these gangbang parties. I started to chat up a gentleman with his wiener hanging off the side of his chair in front of me. He started to explain everything to me. He’s like “yeah we pay $300 a month to come to these parties. Cheryl is always here but they always switch out the other two girls “so right when he is explaining all this to me Cheryl yells out “now that everyone is here is time for bukake!! Who wants to come on my face !?!? ” Everyone get gets up and she grabs Tina by the hand and takes her to the bedroom.

I wait for everyone to go and do the bukake so then I can take a look and lurk around. I really wanted to see if those other two girls getting pounded were hot or not. Might as well get my nut off while I’m here you know!? So I watch Tina be all shy while this lady tries to talk Tina into letting all these old random dudes nut on her. She was like “ill watch on the bed” so she sits on the bed and Cheryl gets on her knees in front of the bed. Again I am so fucking confused where the fuck am I?? I watch all these old dudes go one after another and bust nuts on this lady. like I’m kinda in shock for two minutes.

Like I’ve seen this in those Japanese pornos but this is different seeing it in real life. Like everything else you see too much of you get bored of. So I went to lurk on the two other bitches fucking in the other room. I walk in awkward and one is mad fat with some black dude eating her out on her back and some dude putting his dick in her mouth and then this other mad cute skinny redhead chick getting smashed by this little creepy dude with a ponytail. I just take my shirt off and say ” hey ” and get my dick out and she gives me this amateur blowjob. She’s cute though I don’t say anything.

I feel like a villain sneaking in and stealing blowjobs or something. Anyway it was mad awkward no one was talking and there was no music .I started to get bored and think about other things. I think that’s a sign it’s a bad blowy. So I snatch my dick back and head back to the living room area of the hotel to see what’s going on and everyone was clearing out of the bukkake room and there are dudes lingering around, some getting dressed like they’re going to bounce. They probably nutted and wanted to leave such an awkward situation. There was still three or four dudes jacking off over Jerry’s wife Cheryl. Out of curiosity (no Homo ) I wanted to see how much cum was on that chick. Was she like drowning in nut? Is her hair all white like in the Japanese porn? So I go in the room and she has like hardly any nut her! I was pretty bummed out. Tina just chilled on the bed but her tits were out.

I head to the kitchen to check out all the snacks they had out and go take a piss. I nom on some shitty peanuts and then head to piss and there condoms everywhere in the bathroom. I lift the toilet seat with my foot. I just hurry up and pissed. By the time I come back out all the dudes are back in the bukkake room with Tina and Cheryl. I mob over to the room and look in. Tina’s getting straight fucked by 15 dudes. I kinda just sigh and noticed the dudes fucking those other girls went into fuck Tina. So I get the cute redhead to finish me off while I wait for Tina to get gangbanged. again confused. How long do gangbangs run? 30 minutes later she gets me off and she runs to the bathroom and I get up and walk past the fat naked bitch texting on her phone to see if Tina’s done .nope ,they’re legit fucking her and there is a mob around her. I get it though she was like 20 years old and these dudes are like 50+ so to them she’s this hot young thing . I wait on the couch for her to finish I end up falling asleep at one point. 2 hours later it’s all over. She just got fucked by 15 dudes and looks like she did. She comes up to me “you ready ? I’m going to get paid and we can go .” so she goes up to the Jerry guy to get paid and she talks to him for a while. I sit back down on the couch. She signals over the me like the let’s go signal.

I say bye from a distance to Jerry’s wife so I don’t get cum on me and say bye to Jerry. We get down to the car and once we get situated i ask her “soooo how much did you get paid?” She looked at me like she was going to cry and said “Jerry said that that was my addition and you don’t get paid for the first time” Honestly I wanted to laugh like what the fuck?? You just fucked like 20 dudes, but I couldn’t laugh it would’ve killed her. I waited until I dropped her off to laugh at her. I might be an asshole but I have some manners. She tells me how he’s going to schedule her for the next party that’s coming up. Said that she told him she was interested in doing it for the next month. I took her to these parties and she gave me $60 to go with her and drive her. It really was an ideal situation for me because I get paid, eats the snacks they had and get my dick sucked from some random. I was like living a double life. I wouldn’t tell any of my real friends I was doing this plus I was so broke. I would do anything for money besides get a job like a real one. I just can’t work for people I canโ€™t understand making money for others or doing something all day that doesn’t benefit me.

I’m getting off topic but I drove her and chilled with her at these parties for a while and I never really talked to Jerry but I talked all the dudes that would pay for these parties. Met a lot of cool people . Mostly dudes with wives who don’t fuck them anymore, business types in a rush to nut. What I was really doing was trying to find out that dude jerry’s whole business model. I wanted to find out how much he makes from these parties.after doing this for month for two I had met most of the clients . I snuck a beej from most of the girls he had and then one day Tina’s like in a text “hey Jerry wants you to call him “so I’m like okay whatever and give this dude a call and he said he wants me to help them expand his parties. He says ” he can tell I’m good with people “.

He invites me over to his house I agree and head over a few hours later. I get there and it’s actually a badass house. I get inside and dude has nothing. Just some shitty old couches and a big box TV. Dude spent all his money on renting the house I guess. I’m like 25 and this dude is 55 or so asking me for ideas. So we just shoot the shit and tells me what he used to do as far as work before the parties. He points to his fridge. We’re in his kitchen talking and there’s this big multicolored magnet. He gets it off the fridge and it’s all these stupid ass ads for random businesses. He would sell ad space on those magnets and send them out to people. I look at him after he tells me this and in my head I’m like “your dork dude”. I knew I couldn’t do anything with him but after two hours of bullshit he asked me if he could throw a party at my house and he will give me $500 bucks.

Fuck I needed the money but I live in my parents right now. My parents had bought a new house in Idaho and they’re going to be gone all summer. I know such a scumbag move. I hope my parents never read this book. So I agree and I’m like “yeah let’s do it” he said about 50 people will show up and a bunch of new girls. His wife was in the kitchen doing dishes and is like “is Sarah still coming “he’s like “yeah she better I can’t keep giving her money for nothing” I was like “is Sarah a new girl ?” he’s like “oh no she’s my oldest daughter she does parties sometimes?” for real what the fuck !?!? I kinda crunched my face like what the fuck? but then I’m like ,that’s kinda hot. What if she fucks her mom LOL.

Well before I leave and while his wife was washing dishes she says” before you go I’ll blow you for coming all the way out here” I sorta thought about it. I just saw her get nutted on by a bunch of guys more than once now,but “okay”. Over the next month I got ready for the party and took out mostly everything in my upstairs where people would be “playing”. I also had a house in my backyard. We have always called it The Dungeon. Everyone goes in there to fuck during normal House Party so it’s earned his name. When I was living in Corona with Travis Mills or “T Mills”. I met this dude Marko and we became really good friends. He was a super big Mexican dude. Well more like crazy stalky and really scary looking. Had the whole face and head tattoos. Always getting drunk and fighting people but a rad dude. He had moved to Vegas and I told him on Facebook about this party I’m going to have and if he comes and does security he could fuck whoever he wants to. He was excited and bought a plane ticket a few weeks before the party.

The day before Marko gets in the town, I pick him up at the airport and we just spent the day in my backyard getting fucked up and talking about all the parties I’ve been to what tomorrow would be like. The day comes and I had to rush around and take all the family pictures off the wall. Can’t forget to do that at your first gangbang party. Jerry shows up at like noonish with his wife and daughter. He has all these ice chest with them and food and shit. I have Marko go help him. I had to peep his daughter out . I did some recon and she was like 26 or 27 huge tits, dyed black hair kinda kinda hot but nothing I smash sober. Wll Markos was obsessed with her he was following her around the whole time. I got the $500 upfront from Jerry so that was cool. He told me 50ish people RSVPed online so it’s going to be a full house.Gb 7:

People started to show up pretty soon. We had all 50 people who rsvp’d at the house pretty quick. Everyone was just chilling outside drinking and smoking with the girls. There’s maybe 10 of them including Jerry’s wife and daughter and Tina. The other seven were hit or miss and two were black black like bootblack. Mad cool though and of course one’s name was Africa. Markos wasn’t doing security at all. He was drinking and messing with the girls.

Oh shit I forgot there was a couple there this big fat roly-poly chick, she had a supertall husband they ran a bunch of parties in San Diego. Anyway she brought a huge bag of Molly and was feeding Markos Molly the whole time. I was drinking but I was more worried about the house. I have this patch of grass in my backyard and it’s the only part of the backyard that gets sunlight. Everything else is covered by this roof that covers everything. We have chairs and a fireplace. Anyway it was getting a ton of sun and this decent looking stoner chick who was there ,goes out there and gets naked and Tina goes out there and starts going down on her so the party starts and I’m like “oh awesome” they’re going all fuck outside less mess.

The guys just start crowding around the girls and they all other girls jumping in Jerry’s wife jumps in and drag his daughter with her. I’m like looking for Markos but he’s already lurking and watching it when I spot him. I’m looking to see if the mom and daughter were gonna do anything they start making out and sucking each other’s tits. I’m all “oh shit Mom and daughter that’s crazy!” I’m like freaking out because this is awesome. Jerry isn’t too far away and I’m like “dude how did you get them to do that ?”he’s like “I’ll tell you a secret they look alike but that’s not her mom, guys pay more if they think it’s real”. Man what a scumbag. After while the guys take the girls upstairs to fuck them for like what seemed like 15 hours.

Jerry’s daughter didn’t go up and get ran through. She just chilled with me and Markos and the roly-poly looking chick with all the Molly we just met. We were all laughing and chilling and Markos was trying everything to fuck Jerrys daughter. then came the roly-poly with the blow. She gave us a gram and so me, roly-poly, Sarah (Jerry’s daughter) and Markos went to the bathroom in my back house to run through the shitty little gram she gave us. We end up tag teaming Jerrys daughter in this tiny bathroom I had in my back house. the party ended a little after that we had a few stragglers hanging around. One of the girls had a bunch of weed so we just smoked with her the whole night and Marcos kept trying to game these girls up, I had to keep reminding him to just ask to fuck them that’s what they’re there for. They can’t say no. He was too scared but Tina did get paid this party.

After this party I kinda was just doing numbers in my head on how much does this dude Jerry make on these parties? 50 guys at $300 apiece goddamn! it’s good money and he has like basically zero overhead except the place he throws a party at and the drinks and snacks and shit .I started to think “yo I could do that shit and do it way better with way better bitches”. It was just an idea. A week or so after the party at my house Tina sent me a text “Jerry wants me to do a party for another guy in San Francisco can you take me?”. Of course she was always paying me ,so fuck it. We head to this dudes house in the hills near Oakland decent house from the outside in a normal neighborhood, but inside this place was gutted and modeled for fucking. He had a BDSM, a room with mirrors and some rooms had a bunch of toys and then some with black lights. He had for stripper poles and a mini stage in the main living room area the only thing was it was a party for all black guys and nothing but white girl “hosts”. It took three seconds to realize what kind of party was. I remember Tina’s face was like “oh fuck” when realizing all the gorilla dick she was about to take. The dude who ran the party had a bunch of weird rules like you can’t start playing with the “hosts” until 10 PM. He made sure you socialize so dudes just stood around bored until 10 PM. At one point he had these 16 year old kids knock on the door trying to get in. Horny little fuckers must have been lurking Craigslist too. Right when 10 o’clock hit Tina was sitting between like an ocean of dudes on this couch and right when 10 o’clock hit this dude, straight shredded cut up black dude picked her up by her armpits and picks her up in the air, holding her up with his arms and started eating her out.

Meanwhile she got fucked retarded by 20 black dudes with anaconda cocks. I went and do what I usually do, eat snacks and look to steal a blowy. I saw the dude who was running the party chillin on his computer. I start to chat him up and see how he runs his parties. He told me he just posted his ads on Craig’s for guys and the girls he gets are from fetish sites. Honestly I wasn’t very impressed, really people from Craigslist ??? That’s not a very high-end type of client. Honestly to me I feel like everyone on Craigslist was a meth head at one point in their lives or still is. I got what I needed from the dude and Tina got railed out and paid ,win-win. on the way home I tell Tina my idea. “I think I can make way more money and have way better parties and these dudes if I throw one would you work for me and not Jerry?” She didn’t care she thought Jerry was a greedy little Jew and she wanted to get paid.

I told her “let’s have you do a few more parties with him and we will Jack all his clients then once we have most of their contacts we will bounce.” I created the site called and got it all setup to only take emails, so you would be added to our mailing list. I had to collect our own clients though and I didn’t want to do that like those other bums posting ads on Craigslist. That’s just dangerous inviting anyone off the street and no vetting. So I got this idea to hit up swinger websites. Tina and I would pose as a couple that throws parties. I had a picture of me and Tina uploaded and filled out the stupid profile stuff. I did this on like at least 10 swinger sites I will post events or in forum saying we host events coming up etc. and a link to our site to sign up for upcoming events. I must’ve collected 5,000 emails in about a month. After that I had gotten enough emails I thought I would try to do my own party. I need more girls so I asked Tina to find me to girls. I told her I want to do a party at at least once a week but two parties in one day. A party early like lunchtime and then one at night like after work, so guys could come on their lunch break and on their way home from work. Genius I know.

So Tina went and started trying to recruit for my parties. she found this big chick named Egypt with huge tits and then this black chick who worked at the mall store wet seal I’m not sure if those even exist anymore. They were both in their twenties and then this super fine Mexican chick but her titties were horrible. Like those ones crack heads have? They look like their deflated. Do you know what I mean? But she was really pretty.

Nothing crazy if I was to rate them from 1 to 10 they were like 6’s. I was just starting out I can’t expect too much. Once we had the girls I was setting up a party in downtown Sacramento. I was going to charge guys $300 for the party and have two parties a day and 25 guys at each one. So $300 times 50 isn’t too bad. I got everything set up and ready to do a huge email blast to everyone’s email who signed up on I put pictures of the girls on the flyer and membership fee etc. I sent it out and I got about 200 people who wanted RSVP. I was kind of blown away, I’m thinking how Iโ€™m going to hide all the money if this is really going to be this big. I can’t put it in the bank, they flag your account if you do over $9999 cash disposit and I can’t keep books on the shit. So I created a spreadsheet in Google Docs. I had two pages set up one for each party with the guys emails. If they showed up I would put an X next to their name so I know how much money I should have at the end of the night.

The first party went good ,only a few guys bailed but I didn’t know how to split the cash with the girls. I had a few grand to split and I didn’t know what was fair. I put in a lot of work in but these girls are getting fucked by so many random guys. I decided to split a 60% for them to 40% for me. I still leave at the end of the day with my backpack full of cash. I went from being broke to cash on hand like it was nothing. I bought a new phone and a new MacBook to replace the one I sold to Evan by the bay. It was mad weird for me though because I sort of had a double life I never told anyone about what I did and Tina was not in my group of friends ,so I was still going to the best clubs and doing awesome shit with people who had respectable companies or owned nightclubs and I’m over here running gangbang parties just to survive.

I never told anyone until a few years after I stopped. I never saw Markos again after that, he was in Vegas. I started to do pretty well we did parties with those three girls and then got a couple of their hoodrat friends here and there, but it was going good and I was able to buy new clothes and shit. A few weeks before I had started to do my parties. I forgot about this mad random, but before I started the parties I posted an ad on Craigslist for someone to help me and give me $100 to pay my phone bill. I didn’t think anyone would respond but the next day this chick from Oakland replied to me and then she said if I can give her a ride home from from work she would give me $80. I end up doing it but she was mad creepy. looked like a meth head but she gave me the $80. That’s how desperate I was for a little cash before the parties.

Anyway back to the parties. the parties were going really good for about a month but then Jerry found out about the parties I was doing because I was taken that shit over. He would call the cops on or the hotel to bust us. I used the same hotel because It had a really nice suite we could get for cheap. Plus it was kinda cheap it looked upscale. I thought that was a bitch move so I would call the cops on his parties all the time too. We had a little turf war for a minute. I ended up just moving everything to my house so you he couldn’t do that shit anymore. I lost a lot of money with that little bitch doing that shit. I remember calling him up one time, I told him I was going to fuck him up . It was mad funny though because the hotel managers would come in and be like “what the fuck is going on !? You all need to leave now or I’m calling the cops !” there would be all these naked people hurrying to grab clothes.

Not long after this Tina got a boyfriend. He didn’t mind her doing the parties. which was weird and kinda homo. Your chick comes home all blown out and then you go down on her. You know he did. Ha gay, but she got mad feelings for the dude and didn’t want to do parties anymore. I was mad stressed because this is how I make my money and she kinda ugly but damn dude how are you going to bounce on me now, right when everything is going so good..Gb 10:

We ended up doing a big party for her for her last party. We had like a 100 guys come by for a whole day. We made a ton of money but that was the last time I saw her. She would text me little bullshit or hit me up on Facebook then that eventually fell off and i have no idea where she is now. I had to hurry up and find a replacement though so I was trying everything to find someone new. I posted ads like crazy on the swinger sites looking for girls who would be down. I really didn’t find anything. Just a bunch of old house wives who wanted to get fucked. I did use them though. Don’t get it twisted. I would do MILF parties. I found two fat moms who were recently divorced that did it for free, but no one to really wanted to come to those parties. So I was just wasting my time and in my other life I would go to this club vessel in Union Sq. in San Francisco . It was a euro house club mad lame music but was super hot girls would go there and Gordon the owner always hooked me up with shots or a bottle from time to time and he let me be a total dirt bag and wear whatever and not worry about dress code.

He offered for me to promote there on Thursdays. This is the same time I was looking for a new Tina. I don’t believe in fate or anything but my first night at vessel I met this cute as fuck little hipster chick i ended up fucking her in the club bathroom that night but she gave me her number and we texted for a while. She was a little bit of a freak and I told her eventually about the parties and that I did the gangbang parties. I told her she had to come the one she was weirdly down. She wanted to do porn but didn’t know how to get into it. San Francisco is full of bitches like this. I had a friend who owned and I had him I take pictures of her sucking my dick. If you want to see who I’m talking about so you know I’m legit. She’s still on there I think let me check. Yeah she’s still on there. she drove to Sacramento and just hung out at one of my parties.

Come to find out, she was only 19. She had a fake ID at vessel. After the party I asked her if she would be down to do a party? She said maybe. One of the girls who did parties for me was there that day her name was Egypt and did parties for me. She was there and talked her into it, kinda, but she told me about how she got tag teamed by three dudes at a party and wanted to do it again. I was so stoked I knew I had her as soon as she said that. I knew I was going to make so much money off her, she was 19 blonde hair, blue eyes, some decent little titties and a good butt. She did the whole hair extension thing a little overboard. At this time I hired my friend Teddy’s World of Warcraft playing stoner friend to work for me by posting ads and adding emails to our mailing list and also dealing with emails. Dudes ask way too many questions a lot of people flake they waist a lot of time, so I let Jeremy the dude I hired to deal with all that. All he wanted was fast Internet connection connection so he could play World of Warcraft I was getting ready to throw party with Haley the new blonde girl and instead of $300 a party that I would usually do I was going to make it $500.

That’s pretty steep for most people but I couldn’t charge any less. She was so hot. I got 50 guys to rsvp and then overbooked by 10 so I had 60 guys for two parties at $500 apiece. They all came not one flaked. Haley and i are swimming in cash. It was fucking retarded. We got all fucked up together even Jeremy drank with us. We had a cool little team. Haley would run around naked around the house and Jeremy the 32 year old virgin would freak out when she would get naked and not know what to do. I would have her get naked and jump on him while he played World of Warcraft and he would get so pissed and lock the door. fag, but the three of us made a lot of money together.

We had a good run I had a good 60 or 70 grand hidden in my room. We didn’t do parties but once a month during the last few months of summer I remember it was about to befall and Jeremy came in the house and he was like “dude you gotta check out this girl who emailed us and wants to do parties”. So I go check out his computer with him and it was this redheaded chick pretty cute huge big tits tiny body but real skinny. She went by “Molly” she wanted to do a party. I told her I need to vet her first, you know make sure I don’t get catfish or something. She ended up being the real deal. She had just gotten divorced and needed to make quick money and she said “this seems better than working the streets “. I thought Iโ€™d pair her up with Haley and see what happens.

Man I learned more than I ever will about women by doing that holy fuck the fights!!! I started doing parties with both of them.

Solid all 50 guys every party we did in Sacramento. I felt like we’re gonna do so well in Sacramento we should do more parties but a new city. So I had Jermy focus on San Francisco and Lake Tahoe guys. San Francisco’s like 45 minutes for me and Tahoe like two hours away. Within two weeks I started doing San Francisco and Tahoe parties just killing it. One night we’re all drinking and Molly and Haley always kinda bickered and shit, but Molly was also a little jealous of Hailey. She was younger and got way more attention. We were at a hotel in Tahoe and they’re fighting all day and while I was out getting food one of them hit the other slapped the other. I got a call from Haley crying telling me to drive her home right now but we had a party the next day we can’t just leave.

She screamed and cried on the phone and we met in the hallway outside of the hotel room. I got her own room and she calmed down. The next day we did the party. Then on the way home they didn’t talk the whole drive home. It was about two days later I got a text from Hayley that she didn’t want to do parties anymore. I tried to get her to come back but she never did. I was so pissed at Molly, it was honestly the beginning of the end. I was really burnt out on the whole thing anyway. Always working and it’s not like it was my passion or anything and now I had money again. I started doing parties for Molly but never brought in that much money and I was bored and so tired of looking all these naked dudes. The thing with Molly fell off and I stopped doing parties. I was doing my weekly at vessel and having a good time.

Molly did hit me up months after we stopped and was escorting and asked me if I could cum in condoms for one of her clients because he drinks it or some gay shit. I politely turned it down about two years went by and my friend was about to tattoo me and we met at a target in downtown Sacramento to get something. He used to go to my parties and we see Molly at target. She’s holding a new baby but there was some fucked up shit coming out of its nose. I guess something was wrong with it or whatever she was really excited to see me and my friend. We walked around with her and did a little shopping with her and asked her what she’s doing now. She put a little weight on but looked good. Right away she starts talking about how she missed the parties and that she can’t anything fun anymore because of her baby and the guy she’s with now is boring and doesn’t like to do anything exciting. We ended up tag teaming her in the dressing at target while her tube riddled baby was just chilling on the little bench thing in the dressing room. I never threw another party and never heard or seen her since. I met my girlfriend Kirra a few days after we tag teamed her and I never told her what I used to do or anyone really, I started is anyone up shortly after all this and everything changed.

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Written by Hunter