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My Rolling Stone Interview

Rolling Stone:

After I shutdown is anyone up, we set up a goodbye tour. I used to do shows all over while the site was in its prime. My booking manager wanted to squeeze the last few dollars that still remained. I wanted to just get fucked up and travel for free. It was summer of 2012 and we set up shows all around or in the US’s biggest cities. Some of its biggest shit holes too. Sorry Fort Wayne, Indiana but why don’t you film The Walking Dead there !? God that place is such a shit hole. During this tour I was also going to have this chick from Rolling Stone follow me around. She had been with me at my house and chilled with friends and I in California for a few weeks and wanted to finish the story she was working on with the tour.

Bless her heart I just don’t think she knew exactly what she was going to witness. She would drink with me. Sometimes and we got her to smoke some weed with us one night. She hung with us then but never did some true scumbag shit. She was pretty and tallish. no I didn’t try anything with her she wasnโ€™t into me and she was a good girl with her head on straight. Most โ€œjournalistsโ€ are pretty lame boring people anyway, that’s why they write about other people who actually do stuff with their life. It’s so easy to just comment on others. Sorry I’m ranting but the bitch who did my dateline NBC interview wanted me to take her down but it was too easy. No chase. No boner. I will say though, Alex from rolling stone, out of all the interviews I’ve done she was the most fair and never lied about what I said or took it out of context and for that I have all the respect in the world for her.

Anyway I did a party in Long Island a few times and it was always a good turnout. It was in this weird bar / club but it had a down start stairs with the bar. It was really dark and had a little DJ booth. We had some pretty awesome shows there and my boy Carlos at the time had gotten a DUI last time we played. It was a pretty shitty way to end a night but the promoter was always mad chill. His name was John, kinda fat and had a big red beard. Him and my booking manager hooked up to book some shows for me on this final tour. He had booked five shows and the plan was that they would meet up with me when I got to the part in the tour when I started to do the shows he booked me going on by myself. They would drive me and act as a tour manager, you know to take care of the money and everything so I could get as fucked up as possible take down random’s and repeat. Alex from rollingstone was going to be with them to document everything for her story.

I had already made up my mind that I was going to end up in jail or dead, so I could give her the best story possible. Fuck I might need to split the story into two, OK never mind I’ll combine it. After about six or seven parties I meet up with everyone in Buffalo, New York. When they meet me I am looking like a war veteran all hungover and dehydrated, hungry with big black circles under my eyes, dirty clothes on all sweaty from the night before. They met me at the bus station. I had to take a Greyhound from Boston Massachusetts to Buffalo New York. John the promoter had booked the first show for me there. I grab my shit and put into this tiniest little white death trap. I don’t know what kind of car it was. Honestly way too small though. It was jampacked.

Alex from Rolling Stone was with them, John this fat kid that was going to open up for me each night and in girl who owned the car Kaitlyn or something. In my mind she looked like Kaitlyn. so whatever let’s just call her that. So yeah it’s crammed I get in the backseat and fall asleep immediately. We pull up to a hotel in downtown Buffalo I take a quick nap and we get up to go eat and now I am thinking fuck OK now we will see if these people are going to be chill or annoy the fuck out of me for the next two weeks or whatever. We’re going to spend every second with each other. We go and eat at Chili’s and sit down. Immediately I order a jack and Coke and listen to them just talk and begging God in my mind to let the sun go down so I can see again.

My eyes become crazy light sensitive when I’m hungover. Maybe it was the hangover but right away they all annoyed the fuck out of me .maybe it’s because they were all ugly. I’m not saying I’m super hot or anything, if I’m ugly I wouldn’t want to look at me either. It’s like when I’m really into a band or something, then I see a picture of them and they’re all ugly. I’m just not into them anymore. They just were trying too hard and I just wasn’t into it and the kid who came to DJ, seemed like a little bitch. He was tall and big, more fat than big he was maybe 22 or 23. that Kaitlyn girl was kinda cute and had a decent body, but just not much else.

We just chill there for about an hour and I had three or four Jack and cokes and was finally feeling human again. I posted on twitter to see if anyone wanted to chill before the show. Really I just wanted to get some blow. I met some girl in the DM’s and she came through and she took me to her friends house and we just chilled and I got pretty weird and then I mobbed back to play the show. Nothing crazy happened. the owner of the venue wanted to hang out and we just did blow in the back of the venue and he had some girls that were meh, nothing fancy. I took a cab back to the Hotel and called it a night.

I wake up in the afternoon because we have to drive to another party and this is where everything sort of started to fall apart, I started drinking really early I think with breakfast. I was playing at this place my friend Carlos or now recently not friend because I kind of fought him at a party in Long Island. I was staying with him and needed my stuff back I sorta kinda kicked in his door down to get my shit and broke my hand during all this. Then I had randomly got a ride from his dude Joey from the band Dr. Acula. Then he dropped me off at the airport, too fucked up to function and with a bloody broken hand somehow made it through security and made on the plane.

While on the plane and ordering drinks, I had met the nice young lady next to me who was midwife. You know those chicks who help you have a baby or whatever. The name is confusing, it’s like implies I can sorta kinda fuck her? Maybe it’s just me. Anyway we are talking about her stupid job and the dude in front of just turns around in his seat randomly like two hours into the flight asked her โ€œ is this guy bugging you!?โ€ referring to me. so I got in a yelling match mid flight with this dude (white knight faggot) and the flight attendant told me to calm down now or I will arrested for causing a scene even though he started it. I should have beat his ass but I had enough time in jail at this point . She gave me her number and we text about it afterwards never got to chill with her though. She lived in New Mexico. Mad cute though. Real nice skin.

K so Carlosโ€™s friend ran the venue I was going to play at and I thought it might be mad weird or awkward you know because of the whole beating his friends ass situation but he was cool about it and we chilled and he was a decent dude. I wasn’t really giving Rolling Stone any really great things to write about. All I did the first night was play show and hang out with the old club owner all night doing blow. I probably sounded gay in her story notes at this point . I wasn’t popular on twitter yet. So I would play smaller rooms like 100 hundred 150 people.sometimes if I played in New York City it would be insane and I’d sell that bitch out but mostly I played small crazy little shows. this night wasnโ€™t any different it was a theater where they have huge shows , then there was a little side venue. It was pretty big there was about 200 or so people that showed up from what I remember but I was 100,000% beyond fucked up. Before the show there was three or four DJs before me and I was in the back with the DJ kid I’ve been driving around with and were shooting pool. Man this dude is bugging the fuck out of me, just saying stupid shit like those passive aggressive little comments.

I just kinda laughed and kept playing pool. He goes on and plays his set and I talk shit about him to Caitlyn and John of course. Then I go on to play my set and during my set I get even more fucked up. Honestly half the time I did dj I would just put on mixes I made earlier. Like how are they going to know anyway, I mean really !? So after I get off another DJ goes on to finish the night off. Carlos’s friend takes me through this little back way with kind of a walkway between the theater and venue i was playing in. It’s mad dark but I get to cool down and we are talking about Carlos having one of those 1 on 1 emotional drunk talks. I really loved Carlos. Even though he recently did a French documentary about me and was talking shit about me. I was pretty bummed we weren’t friends anymore and we’re in the middle of this private little Convo and that faggot fat DJ kids comes in the back and start smoking a pipe in the back and trying to make the convo about him and I’m just like to drunk to be polite and care about his feelings so while he’s talking, in my head I’m like “fuck this dude” we start just bullshitting have a normal convo and everything I say he replies with some smart ass comments.

I start getting pissed I could feel the cocaine in my veins like whispering in my ear saying “just punch this faggot” he’s talking and smoking his pipe and I’m just looking At him and the more he talks the more I just want to hit him. You ever see people and just the way they look pisses you off? They just look like they suck as a person. The promoter dude was like asking me where or if I’ll be doing shows after this tour. Just what plans are going to be. That DJ dude goes “Hunters not a real DJ so probably nowhere.” I didn’t even think about it I threw a huge overhead right. I wasn’t really mad at the comment, my cocaine abilities made me but it is just like yo if you want to keep talking shit that’s fine. I hit him right on the nose and all I heard was the crunch from it breaking and he fell back on the railing and dropped the pipe on the cement floor and it broke and he starts crying and grabs his nose and drops to the ground and he was yelling some shit.

The promoter and I turn around and look at each other and he starts dying laughing after a good two or three minutes of him busting up. He’s like “yo get your shit and let’s get you out of here” so I grab my backpack and I was inside the club while the party was going on getting my shit together sort of taking my time. I get really elderly when I’m fucked up. The promoter dude rushes up to the stage and is like “grab your shit right now we have to go he’s calling the cops!” by the time I start walking out of the DJ booth the door guy comes up to us and it is like “hey cops are here they want to talk to Hunter” he turns to me while were like in the middle of the dance floor he’s like “there is an exit out the back but you’ll have to jump over some shit let’s go” so we walk really fast out the bar and through a kitchen into this dark hallway and we had to use our phones as light and he starts to use his shoulder on his door to open this door and it’s hardly opening and after a few good pushes he gets it open and all these garbage bags are everywhere but it’s on this the superhigh piece of concrete and no stairs leading down to the ground but I couldnโ€™t just walk down there.

There was a chain-link fence blocking me from going anywhere. Mad crack head alley shit. he’s all “dude just jump down and go to the park right behind this building to the right and chill there and I’ll text you when the cops leave so keep your phone on. I’m like “fuck man for real !?” My bag had my computer and DJ controller in it and the cops would most likely take it or something if I got arrested so I’m fucked either way. I hang the bag over the fence with my arm so I can maybe lessen the blow or to take less damage. When it drops I let it go and It just sounded like everything broke right when it touch the ground. I hop over the fence and grab my bag and take off to find this park he’s telling me about. You have to understand i’m fucked up like stumbling.

So it was going to be hard to find this park or anything really. I take off and open my phone and use the little map thing to find where this park is. It guides me to the park and when I get there, there’s all this shit in the park like rolls of plastic like huge rolls. I go to the middle of the park and go sit down next to one of these plastic roll things to put my back against it and take my backpack off to see if my computer and she was OK. I had a beer with me and a tiny bit of blow it was nice outside and I’m just chilling hiding from the cops in this park working on my computer. I noticed with my peripherals this thing getting closer to me , so I turned a look and is this fat black bitch on a golf cart . She looks like she’s sort of retarded . So I’m like in my head telling myself “oh don’t be mean” then she opens her mouth . “get off jims shit asshole” . I stay seated kind of muggin her like “what” she says again “get off jims shit or I’m waking him up and he’s going to fuck you up!!” I said “fuck you ,you dumb retarded bitch call Jim!!” she burns off to find big bad Jim I guess. I sit there for another 10 minutes and then I see her come back and she’s like laughing, she doesn’t say shit just laughing and driving by in her little golf cart .

I kind of just ignore her while I played with the computer and make sure everything was cool and working and two minutes later another golf cart parks in front of me and it’s is this tiny blonde with huge tits and short hair and this huge white dude with long hair. He was huge and half asleep he’s all ” what are you doing fucking with our security” I was like “I came to sit in the park and she drove up talking shit. he goes “she told you to move right !?” I said “nah” he’s like “you can move or I will make you move” I was like you know what fuck this dude ! all high and drunk thinking I can take this dude . I just kick the roll of plastic or whatever it was and I said “man fuck you move me then!” he just walked over to me and that’s all remember. Motherfucker hit me so hard when I came to I was still holding my beer. I must’ve clenched it . it didn’t break but the tip of the glass part where you drink from. I get up or try to and my legs are not able to get under me and my head is bump . I grab my shit and walked out . That dude and his chick just stared at me I don’t know if they were saying anything and I’m sure they were talking shit though. I know I would be.

As I am leaving the park I noticed two things. my collar is all wet and there is a huge sign for a fair coming. I guess that plastic shit was for a tent or something and my head was bleeding in the back but nothing crazy that I needed stitches. I couldn’t feel any pain though must’ve still been drunk. I just kept walking and I notice I went to far because I can see cop lights flashing and see the front of the theater where I played so I just turn around and found some big ass bush in front of this building and hid in it like a bum for an hour while I checked my phone and read all these text from everyone. Alex from Rolling Stone was like “oh my god what happened cops are looking for you!?!?” and a bunch from John the promoter who set up all the shows and that girl Kaitlyn driving us around also like 100,000 text from the manager dude who snuck me out the back and had given me a play-by-play of everything that happened since I left. I really only remember one text he was like “man you broke the kidโ€™s nose and the cops are looking everywhere for you” I just wrote him “I’m hiding in a bush they can’t find me “.

I’m starting to get bored in this bush so I get on Twitter and look to see if I got Any DM’s from hoes who are at the show . I thought if I could get a ride to a hotel somewhere and pass out or keep drinking then I’ll be good. I find one girl a little fat but semi-cute. I go and climb out of the bushes to find where I am. To use my tracking skills I learned fucking bitches on their parents farms so I look at the street signs and tell her where I am so she could pick me up. Then I crawl back in the bushes and wait for her to get me. I see their car lights they were the only car driving down the street. So I climb of the bushes and I flag them down and they mob up to me and there was two girls and one guy in this Jeep Cherokee. Bottom half two they looked at me like I’m retarded or something . I get in the car and tell them what had happened and to take me to the hotel near the airport.

We get there and they want to chill so I get a hotel and start drinking again and I tell them I’m pretty sure I just got knocked out in this park we all laugh. I call Alex and she’s freaking out. Tells me that she’s at the hospital with everyone. She said they were going to drive home and they can’t finish the tour with a “psycho”. I wasn’t tripping I wanted a week off to sleep and then play Webster Hall in New York City. I told Alex I’ll meet her in New York City. She wanted to know where I was. I don’t want to give her the hotel address just in case she rats me out to the cops. She said she understood . I mean it’s not like she was paying for any of this, Rolling Stone was. That was the good thing about having her with us on the road, she paid for everything! The next day I had my manager come pick me up and drive me to the city.

He was pretty mad at me he said that John was pretty upset about everything and we owed him a ton of money whatever sue me. I was running low on cash and now I am paying for a hotel in New York City for a week now. I guess that was my punishment. I got a hotel at the Lexington Hotel. Nice spot, my friend Sam threw parties there so that was convenient. It was about $300 a night so that’s starts eating into my profit of this tour, whatever I don’t really do anything for the whole week I’m there. I just go out and grab food and head back to the hotel so I can pass out again. The days pass and I feel human again. the day of the party comes in Alex comes to my hotel to chat and see how I am. She brought her boyfriend or husband, he was cool and my boy Damien came to party with me. Damian is a realtor by day and a Coke head by night he’s like 5 foot even with bright red hair. Scumbag to the heart you know bareback bitches and all that. Has a mouthpiece so he pulls mad girls. Great dude to be around if you’re scared to talk to girls. Anytime I am in town, Damian wants to party and he always brings blow so of course he brings me a bottle and some blow and beer to the room.

It was just me Alex and her man talking having a good Convo and Damien shows up. He gets us all to start drinking and starts cutting up the lines. Alex and her husband deny him on the blow but I do a line with him so I’m not to be rude and we start getting in pre-party mode. Well this motherfucker tricks and he cuts another line for me but this shit is mad yellow i was like “yo what the fuck !?!? this shit looks weird ??” he’s like “oh it’s cut with Molly ” . it’s a pretty big line and I don’t really want to do Molly but whatever so rail this line and it fucking hurts like not good blow hurts. It’s like I snorted a million tiny little knives. I lost my breath and I am hitting my chest . I look at him and I’m like “dude what the fuck was that !?!? ” while gasping for air. He starts to die laughing and yells “that’s a good shit motherfucker !!!!! ” while I’m trying not to die he cuts another huge line of the same shit and rails it and then goes “oh fuck ha ha ha ha !!!!” at the top of his lungs.

He grabs my hand and goes “I love you motherfucker!!!!” K so the whole time I’m pretty sure I’m going to go OD tonight something I’m not sure that’s possible on cocaine, but my heart is going nuts. I just look at him and “go fuck you , what was that !? he starts laughing again “ha ha that’s lavada! ” Then he does one of those Mexican yips or whatever. I’m like “no for real what was that!?” I’m getting pissed he’s all ” dude it’s called the wash ” basically tells me it’s the thin layer of Coke that rises to the top of the coke bucket they cook the shit in and it’s retarded potent and it cost him 360 g. he bought an eight ball, I sat there listening to him talks and talk about it and when he finished we did another bump off this little Mark Jacobs spoon I had around my neck. We looked at it like we were all scared of it but holy fuck dude I feel like I joined ISIS after hitting it. He screamed and yelled and we hugged and giggled and laughed and chased each other around the hotel and wrestled like two little coked up faggots. It’s about 11 PM and I’m supposed to play at 12 and we all decided it’s time to get a cab. We get dropped off three blocks away. we are way too high and wanted to sweat it out. We basically sprinted to Webster Hall in a matter of minutes with Alex and her boyfriend struggling to keep up. We met up with another friend Marty on the way there. Another redhead I swear I collect redhead friends. I don’t know what it is redhead people are so cool though.

I never really collected anything you know like bottle caps or something but I unknowingly collect redhead friends. Life. So we meet up with Marty we give him a bump and then he asked why it’s so yellow looking . Damien says “shut the fuck up Marty ” and Marty goes ahead and hits a quick bump and now he has joined us and understands what we understand . We get into the club. Webster Hall is like a three or four story nightclub at the bottom there’s a bunch of small venues and then one bigger room holds 200 – 300 people . We walked downstairs and the place is packed. All the freaks from the site are there. I head to their shitty little green room off the side of the stage and Damien me and Marty along with Alex head back there soon as possible and start to cut up some lines. We get some girls and we’re all just chilling waiting to go play my set. Damien wanders off for a bit and comes running to me and is like “dude butthole girl is here!!!” immediately I’m like in my head thinking “she could stick stuff in her ass on stage or something cool you know ?” So I’m like “go get her bring her to me at once!”

In this backroom there are these two security guys That keep telling me Marty and Damien to calm down. We can’t. When Damien comes back with Butthole girl we lose our fucking minds. I was so high I almost started to cry. She does a bump with Damien and understands us now too. Two seconds later Damien is asking her about her butt hole. So I thought of course to ask her to perform with her butthole and she was all being shy and gay as fuck like “oh my god no I can’t ” we play her a little shy game for five minutes and then she breaks down and goes “okay fine” we all cheer and hug her. We had her spread her butt cheeks because Damien wanted to see her butthole in person . Oh wait I should explain who Butthole girls is. Basically this girl would shove house hold items in her ass on my old site Is Anyone Up. We would have the community vote on what they wanted her to put in her ass next each week. K that’s who she is.

He kept saying she Photoshops her butthole to look that big . She ends up getting on the couch and spreading her ass for us and Damien took a selfie with her b-hole I took it a little too far. I got a pen and had her stick it in her ass and autograph a napkin. I don’t think I’d ever laugh so hard in my life. I remember looking Alex and asking her if she would put this in her story. She just looked at me horrified and shook her head. It was now my time to go on and I get set up and people were going fucking nuts and Chanting ” is anyone up ” I opened up with my soundbite from Anderson Cooper interview and right into some Waka Flocka. Damien was right next to me feeding me drugs and drinks with Marty and pulling up girls. Every time I have Dj’d. I always become the drug holder. Girl stuff drugs in my pocket and come back later on or throughout the night to get more out of my pocket. Maybe because I’ll be standing there for a long time or whatever.

Anyway we party and have a good night I get so fucked up I can’t see the computer screen anymore so I put on the mix not like anyone will know. I’m getting toward the end of the set and I whisper to Damien to get butthole girl on stage . He gets her and comes up to me and I grab her and I tell her “I want you to get in front of the stage and pull your pants down and show your asshole ” she’s all “okay ” damn I thought she would argue. I turned down the music and I get on the mic and go “everyone I want you to meet butthole girl” people went fucking nuts and started chatting “butthole girl, butthole girl!” she’s in front of everyone and smiling. I go “show them how much you love them ” she turns towards me and bends over and everyone starts cheering. Damien is dying laughing “she’s doing it dude !!!!” then destiny pulls up another girl and another and another and the whole stage is full of naked girls showing off their assholes.

We party like this for another 10 minutes or so and I give a quick five-minute speech and walk off. Apparently there is a show after mine with a bunch of drag queens. I chilled in the back with a bunch of girls, Alex, butthole girl and of course Marty and Damien. We start doing more that wash shit Damien brought. We were all on one except Alex and her boyfriend. Damien goes “hey Rachel wants to come back here” I was like ” yeah have her come by”. Well in the back there were these drag queens getting ready for their show. The problem with this green room was the only way to get to us was over the stage, you go over the corner of the left hand side of the stage then right down into the green room.

There was a door but those two gay dude security guards didn’t want to open it. I turn to Damien and I’m like ” have her come in”. He goes over to get her ,walks over and up the stairs out onto the stage and goes to bring her with him. I am in mid bump like I have the key with Coke going up to my nostril and I see this drag queen say something to Rachel .Rachel is tiny , barely 5 feet tall and cute as fuck. Cute little butt ,big tits .a sweetheart .I thought when the drag queen said something to her maybe he knew her or something ?nah he just hits her full on with his right hand to the side of the head. I looked at him and Coke rage was activated. I grab the key I was about to do this bump off and threw it at this dude in heels who just hit this little girl who’s laying on the ground crying. I threw the coke key at the tranny and Damien is like ” yo what the fuck !?” and we just start swinging on every tranny drag queen insight. There was glitter ,high heels ,feather and all kinds of shit flying everywhere. I remember grabbing the one who hit Rachel and he had hands like he could fight and he hit me good in the temple but I grabbed him by is bedazzled little Vest started to headbutt him I was high as fuck .

I couldn’t feel shit. The security guards tackle me telling you to calm down. I look to Damien on the ground with no shirt on, holding a brunette wig talking shit to the other security guard .I saw all the girls huddled in the corner trying to take care of Rachel. I was like “alright alright let me grab my shit and I’m gone ” so the security guards let me and Damion and Marty just leave and we’re outside Webster Hall and this girl Lauren is like “hey all the trannies you guys beat up are calling the cops on you should go ” I was like “wait they hit Rachel And they’re calling the cops on me ??” Damien was like “fuck it let’s bounce afties (after party) at yours. we start walking down the street and trying to get a cab. Damien was all “hey let’s do a bump while we wait ” so we start doing a quick Re-bump in the middle of the street and I start texting everyone to meet me at the hotel so we can party.

From down the block this cop flashes his lights at me “hey you” I look at Damien like , oh fuck?? “Here take my backpack and go to my hotel ” he takes my bag and then while I’m handing it over I remember all the drugs that are in my pocket . so I’m doing everything I can to throw out all these drugs while this cop is looking at me and talking to me. I must have had six or 7 grams of blow and some Molly on me that people shoved in my pockets. I tossed out of my pocket as much as I could during the 15 feet while walked up to this cop. Once I get up to and he’s like turnaround. In my head I was like “fuck really?” and he’s doing this right in front of the club, in front of everyone including Alex and her husband.

It was kind of awesome hearing people yell out stuff to talk shit to the cop. He’s like ” you’re under arrest for assaulting one of the performers” in the club I see Alex and all the girls who were in the back with us and they run over to me and the cop and tell him everything that happened. He was like “okay listen I believe you guys but I still have to take him into booking” it was like Friday night so I’m stressed because I wouldn’t be able to see a judge until during the week some time so I’d be in there all weekend. I’m just still retarded high at this point and joking with the cop and he tells me to “shut up””and get in the car. I watched him talk to the girls and a bunch of people to get the story or something. He gets his partner and they finally take me to the booking station and they were mad cool. They told me that they got the whole story and would have done the same thing if a girlfriend of theirs got knocked out by dude in a wig …”but “there’s always a “but ” they had to follow protocol and follow up with all complaints.

We get to the police station and they go to search me and of course he finds 2 grams of coke in my pocket. I told him I was trying to get rid of it and he laughed and threw it in the trash. The girls came in the station waited for me while they fingerprinted me and then stuck me in a little holding cell with a bum and one random kid my age we we’re both fucked up. So we became best friends real quick. I told him to hit me up on Twitter and he actually did it was crazy like months later he smoke me out after this, but anyway I sat back there sweating my ass off for like four hours and then they finally let me out. Damien and everyone was waiting for me. It was like eight or 9 AM Alex and the girls look so tired. We all went to go eat at an IHOP and came down together they gave me a ride to the hotel and I had a couple of girls crash with me and had a good time and then we all crashed out.

I woke up to the paper the cop gave me that said in a month I need to show up to court for sentencing. I was hoping I got Alex everything she needed for the article. A few months go by ,I get a lawyer and they end up giving me a five thousand dollar fine and 16 hours community service. I had to help a dump truck driver in New York City for two hours a day. He was rad and I got to see the underbelly of New York City. He was getting a divorce and was driving drunk I could smell it . He only had me do eight hours and told me he’d sign off on the rest. About three weeks after I was done with all my court bullshit I met up with Alex for final interview in Manhattan she took me to eat at a cool little burger place and asked me in a serious and caring tone if I was going to be okay and if I can continue to live like this? All I could think about was if I could finally fuck her tonight.

My Rolling Stone Interview

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