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IrishSadbh Is The New Faceless Onlyfans Model

Are you guys looking for new onlyfans porn talent? Are you tired of looking at the same ol tired handful of whores who have been domininating for the last few years? Well check out IrishSadbh, she is a perfect booty pale skin blonde aryan goddess who is pushing out content left and right and is making serious gains in the scene right now. However she does not show her face but does tease it here and there.

Ok so shes cute but is the content worth it? Yes and no, ok she never shows her face and that pisses me off, I think a lot of the reason content does well is so we can see the emotion on your face while you fuck yourself with a dildos or butt plugs or getting a fat creampie in your pussy and seeing how you react to that big cock in your ass shows us if you’re enjoying it or not. I think not showing your face actually hurts your sales.

Not my problem, I show all my models faces and damn near the inside of there assholes lol. She is a beautiful girl who likes to fuck and does lesbian porn on top of it and if you are looking for new talent like I am daily you will for sure like this irish babe.

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Written by Hunter