Is Loyalfans Better Than Onlyfans

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Did you get a ban from onlyfans for a stupid reason? Wait they actually do not provide a reason, they will just ban you lol. Crazy right? Well they use the same third party for their bans as manwin the company that owns pornhub. Pornhub being one the biggest proveyrs of child porn to ever exist has given me a lifetime ban for violating their terms of service. Crazy, they should probably just ban themselves, but I guess CP is not against their terms of service. Now they allow you to wear masks in your videos. This is what sex traffickers are doing to monetize their victims and pornhub still does nothing, its the loop hole to keep making money.

Anyway this is not about pornhub and how trash they are but another company onlyfans who does basically the same thing. Onlyfans gave me a lifetime ban on both my passport and drivers license. For what reason? Probably my netflix documentary. As I have been banned from everything once that came out. When it came out I would open my phone and click on apps and about 75% of the time I was banned. I obviously still use those accounts with ways around it ( I am a cockroach ). Just a bit annoying. I am even banned from moonpay the crypto exchange so you can buy crypto through apple pay lol. Easy work around for that lol. They cannot stop a cockroach. You can deny being a cockroach or you can BE the cockroach. Obviously I have taken on the roach and now am roach.

Can you fight the onlyfans ban? There are millions of posts on forums and articles but you cant, you might get an answer on a ticket and they will tell you to login to your account but you cant because its banned. I have yet to find anyone who has gotten unbanned. I checked blackhatworld,cracked,nulled and industry forums like GFY and no one has had any success yet.

Yes Onlyfans has the brand recognition, but thats it. As a “creator” (lame ass word) they treat you like you are lucky to be on the platform and using their brand. On loyalfans, they actually care that you are on the platform (this is how I feel now until they ban me lol) but so far they actually promote the creators unlike onlyfans that just has the tiny little suggestion box on the side sometimes on the creator you subscribed too.

Look how cool this is, a real in depth search to find models / producers who are making content you want to see and who is updating daily. It’s so cool and it reflects on the models end too. Everyone is happy. The payout on loyalfans is also amazing as there is no pending processes for 7-14 days for your balance to reflect what you actually made. This is just a way for onlyfans to hold your money as long as possible to make interest.


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Written by Hunter