A Story About Having Sex With A Girl On A Farm

The Farm:

I will be the first to admit that I have a really bad problem with fucking my friends girlfriends or bitches that they are into. I don’t mean to, I love my friends but it happened so often and I lost so many friends over it. I don’t know what it is, maybe because it’s wrong and you’re not supposed to do it and if you get caught you’re in trouble. I don’t know but it makes your nut like 10,000 times better and yeah you feel bad afterwards but whatever there’s like 7 billion more people in the world to be friends with.

When I worked at zumiez ( zumiez is a mall skate shop, basically takes all the cool out of skateboarding). There was this try hard kid name Stephen, he tried everything to be cool with all the older zumiez dudes with three tattoos or more. I was decently cool with him. We had the same friends and chilled in the same circles, but he wasn’t a homie. Here’s the thing though, his girlfriend was cute as fuck. I forgot her name it was…. Kayla or…. Kendra! Yeah oh fuck I remember now okay it was Kyndra!!! Cute little blonde babe, long blonde hair, funny as fuck! I had seen her come into the store a bunch of times. we would say “hey” but nothing more. but we were MySpace friends or wait, no we were Facebook friends. I mean I guess it doesn’t matter. we were Internet Homies.

Out of nowhere she messages me and we talk and message each other all the time eventually we move to texting. Basic shit. Everyone at Zumiez knows that Steven is in love with his girlfriend. I’m trying to fuck but low-key. Kendrah and I text for a week non-stop. Then of course, I get her to send some nudes. I jack off real quick and I’m like “we should hang out”. She tells me she doesn’t have a car and says she lives like an hour away from Sacramento on this farm with her parents. I’m like alrighttttt. I take a look at her nudes again. I’m down. she asked me to come by tonight but it has to be after 12pm and I’ll have to sneak in. Obviously I’m down, she’s a babe I have her send me her address, I googled it and it’s a straight mission! I’ve also never hung out with this girl beside saying “hey” at the store. I’m thinking this going to be mad awkward. So I go shave my balls and go smell good and head out to this girl’s parents farm to “chill”. I’m about there and I get a little lost. This was before GPS on the phone.

For real couldn’t see shit it was so dark. It took me about two hours to find her gate or the metal shit farms have out from on the road and I had to park somewhere mad far away to get a good enough service to text her that I was there. I turn my headlights off in the car and it’s pitch black. Only the light I had was the moon. I sit and wait to get a text back from her. I was sort of stressing because the service is bad and what if I don’t get a text from her something????. I do end up getting it eventually. She tells me to hop over her gate to the farm. Like one of those Farm gates, big metal fuckers. “then go over this road and walk around this hill and I’ll see the house and once I get close to the house, be really quiet and sneak up to her window in the back of the house. the window will be open and Climb in but be really quiet”. This was way before you had the flashlight app on your phone. so I had some light from the moon to guide me like an native American pussy tracker or something bad ass like that, looking for broken branches and pussy lip prints in the dirt. So I climb over the fence and make way too much noise. I would have gone over the little fence next to it but it was that barbed wire shit that’s all rusty. I walk around the hill and just like she said I see the house. it’s in the clearing of all these trees. it’s far though like the size of two football fields or something away. it was mad nice though. It was peaceful and the moon lit my path. I get close to her house and I don’t see any windows open, so I walked all the way around the house and I see a bunch of farm shit and the window open. I started thinking this is a little sketch, I might get beat up or get a breaking and entering charge.

Whatever though she’s cute. I walk up to the window stick my head in and I can see her come up to the window. she’s all “come in hurry be quiet” all my fears go away and I get a little mini chub. I’m totally a pussy assassin, like that dude from assassins creed but my weapon is my dick. I get into her room and it’s mad dark but my eyes have adjusted because of the walk through the forest to get there. She’s like “you have to be really quiet my dad is a psycho and he’s asleep down the hall”. Weird. So we chill on her bed and whisper talk and chill. It’s the first time I really hung out with her but she’s mad cool and we start to mess around and her bed was against the wall and when she started to grind on me you could hear it knock on the wall.

So we move to the floor, I start street beating the guts up. she’s kind of a moaner and I’m putting in work and slaying and she’s holding her mouth shut so she won’t make noise. I flip her ass around, iv had enough of this elementary shhit and start hitting it doggy and she jumps up like she wants to do some freaky shit but she turns to me and whisper yells “someone is coming!!”. She takes off and goes into her closet and shuts the door. I’m naked and have a huge Boner so I look around all confused and look for somewhere to hide. so I just jump in her bed and put the sheets and blankets on over me and get in a ball to look small like a little blonde girl. The door opens and I hear a voice from what must have been her mom “Kendra…” “are you okay !?” nothing I don’t say shit!! I’m already sweaty as fuck now I’m under blankets and trying to control my breathing. I went from doing some real high-level shit to laying in bed trying not to be caught for sneaking in some people’s farm house to fuck their daughter.

In her room there is a big ass shelf separating her room from her mom seeing the bed but when no one said anything when she was asking Kendra if she was okay. I could hear her open the door a little more to come in. I am under the blanket thinking “fuckkkk”. She comes in a little more” Kendra are you okay!? sweetie?” I don’t say shit and neither does Kendra. I hear her getting closer and closer my heart is beating out of my chest and then I feel it. I jumped a little bit, like shock. Her mom puts her hand on my head but I’m under the blanket and she goes “nightmares!?” I don’t say anything. I’m creeped out and scared she might realize she’s rubbing a man’s head. it was mad dark and her mom must’ve been half asleep so she couldn’t really tell what was going on and didn’t turn on the light or she would have seen my clothes on the floor.

She rubs my head a little and goes “okay sweetie sleep well” and walks out and I hear the door shut. I throw the blanket off like It was burning me. she comes out of the closet and I whisper yell at her “what… the… fuck!?!?!!?!” she’s all “I’m so sorry we were just too loud” I calm down and so does she. she was like “thank God my dad didn’t wake up, he would fight you!” in my head I’m like “bitch,I’ll beat your dads ass”. I still haven’t nutted and I just got away from breaking and entering charge and beating up this girl’s poor dad. We go back to the smashing and she’s a straight freak. I nut all over her face and with the moonlight reflecting off the little cum droplets, she looked like an angel.

I get my stuff together and head back out the window. honestly had a little crush on this chick. I normally smash once and done. it’s the whole thrill of the chase but this one was just so fucking cute. Anyway, I take off out the window like a booty bandit and use the stars to navigate my way back to my car. I drive home and we text the whole way home and talk about how we almost got caught and how much her boyfriend is going to hate me but swears he will never find out.Her boyfriend ends up finding out like a week or two later and talks mad shit to me but never does anything. Same old shit but I sort of got a shitty rap amongst my friends for doing that but whatever I wasn’t really mad at her though. I knew she would say something eventually and I thought the dude was a huge fag anyway.

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