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Meeting Latinas At The Gym And Getting Laid

I had really bad knee’s like most people and its hard for me to really work out my legs, I am naturally blessed with thick legs but ill pretend to need help in the gym so I can get laid and possibly get one of the girls to do porno with me hahaha.

I wrote a story early about another MILF type latina that was super racist a few stories ago that I met in the gym but this one is another girl I met at the gym who ended up wanting to do porn with me.

There are really cool gyms here in Colombia and they have these massive out door gyms with seriously everything for free! I mean the whole nine, weight,track,swimming and even an Archery Range. It is really amazing and people from all over go to the parks to work out so its a great time to meet a lot of cool people who are active like you are.

I was struggling with a leg work out and this babe comes up to me ( I dont want to use her real name as she is not doing porn anymore.) She was laughing and looking at me trying to do this leg work out. She came over to help me, I started laughing when I realized I was using this weight machine wrong. It was on of those women glute work outs, I was just trying it to fill time while I was on a cool down.

She told me how to use it and then we just sorta started working out together the rest of the time. I figured out she was doing onlyfans and I told her “so am i! lets work together” with a little smirk, so it was a innocent maybe joking vibe but maybe serious vibe behind it. She said yea! when!? She came over later that night and thats why everyone is so dark. She ended up going to brazil and shooting a ton of anal porn. She had seriously the perfect ass, you can see below.

The photo’s are a bit blurry and shitty we were trying to see if the light in the room was good enough to shoot but it wasent very good, had to ask a friend to barrow a ring light and thats when she swallowed my dick and you can see everything here if you’re interested 😉

The difference of meeting girls outside the west vs being in the west is so much different. They have made it in the west especially in America, that you need to be very careful because if the girl thinks you’re ugly they can just say you’re harassing them. Outside the west they treat you like a normal human and its very refreshing, its a bit harder.

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Written by Hunter