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The Best Party In Medellin For The Hottest Girls?


A lot of people are going to argue with me about what is the best party, however I am a horny little bastard, I can tell you what is the best from partying around the whole country, That is why I choose Medellin, they simply have the best nightlife ever!

Here is a video of my friends and I at Envy brunch! It starts around 11am but you need to get there at 10am and dressed in your best casual clothes and bring a swimsuit there is a pool and you can drink and eat in the pool and they have competition in the pool also so make sure you are prepared but looking your best because they will deny you if you’re sloppy. Its even worse at night, as its the best party in the city and the hottest girls, you need to spend $500 or more to even get in. Which is nothing but thats a lot of cash in Medellin!

Envy Rooftop is a trendy and luxurious rooftop bar and lounge, and the very best of its kind in Medellín. Located on top of the excellent Charlee Hotel, with a spectacular city view, central location and stylish vibe making this a gem among the rooftops in South America.

The sunset from here is beautiful as well, so do try to time your visit for when the sun is setting over Medellín.

Covering two levels, the bottom one comes with a luxurious aquarium-style swimming pool in the middle, which is a nice addition for the feeling of the whole venue. Sit in one of the lounges by the pool for front-row views, or move to the upper level bar stools for panoramics over the terrace and Medellín.

The rooftop bar offers fresh and tasty sushi for the hungry ones, along with a full service bar ranging from bubbles to crafted fusion cocktails.

Envy Roof Top is a typical Asian or American style rooftop bar with a vibrant, towards upscale atmosphere and luxurious décor. If you don’t want to spend to much money on your visit, you should definitely come here for one drink around sunset.

For longer stays, Wednesdays are salsa nights, while DJs keep the crowds moving Thursday through Saturday. Oh, and the last Sunday of every month usually means rooftop brunch.

I went to Envy so much, I knew damn near the whole building and had sex in just abouse every damn hotel room and bathroom in that place. It is more geared towards gringos so the music is typical chill euro house and some guaracha. If thats not your style its ok the girls are so fucking hot it doesn’t matter, has free mimosa’s until 4pm but its 125 thousand pesos entry free (nothing) and brunch until 4pm also and its high end brunch! so prepare to party!

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