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How To Get Laid Outside Of Dating Apps?

I have been traveling the world my whole adult life and been banging random bitches that whole time. I used to use the myspace travel section to get girls and have them lined up before I arrived in Australia. I needed pussy on deck. It’s like water. You need to have everything ready. Did the same for New Zealand, Well then I used a site called lipstick party lol. Look, I am old as fuck.

However there is a new player in town, Tinder is just all fucking bots, bumble are just weird old bitches and same with hinge. Usually you have to add your fucking pronouns and some other super gay shit. Like where did the normal girls go? Don’t get me wrong you can fuck some fat sloppy liberal pussy super easy on those apps (if its not a bot) but they usually never go to the gym and the pussy has been super ran through or they are polyamorous.

I will cuck a few pussy dudes, but I still want to fuck some girls that are half way sane you know? I wrote a blog on this site about how my friends scam dudes on dating apps. Its so fucking easy, so what do you do if you just want to get pussy but you’re not really wanting to go to the club or you been doing blow all night and just need your dick sucked but dont want to get a whore off the street!? And you live in America where everyone thinks they are instagram famous and you cant just find a whore house like me in Colombia!?!?

Bro, you go to fetlife! You’re probably thinking, what is fetlife? Dude iv been using this shit for at least a decade at this point. It started as a fetish website for people into rope / bdsm shit. Ugly ass dudes wearing vests and leather pants with pony tails tying up fat bitches is basically what it is and was.

I swear there is nothing more corny that that shit and then the girls just dangle in the air while the dudes tieing them up get horny. I dunno man, I like to fuck my chicks not prepare them like a stuffed pigged over the fire.

Fetlife is great for searching for sluts in your area because of there easy search functions and you can shoot them messages. You can see all there nasty pictures (you have to pay to watch videos). There is a million normie dudes like you and me on there now so the spot has gotten a bit blown up.

There is a lot of onlyfans garbage sluts on there also so always make sure to skip them do not waste your time, but there is a lot of normal broads just looking for dudes to fuck them. Lots of dudes posting their girls on there for dudes to fuck their wives and stuff like that.

You can search me and find my page, I post all my casting stuff on there also!

Enjoy my friends.

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Written by Hunter