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Should You Use Dating App’s In Colombia?

I have now been living in Medellin,Colombia for almost two years and I have seen it all at this point, this place is what Las Vegas pretends to be all about. However the first mistake of coming to Colombia is using any type of dating app (excluding bumble but I will get into that later).

If you are using Tinder to get girls or dates in Colombia, you are basically begging for a death wish or at least being robbed. There is a big story that happened in Colombia not that long ago, about an asian american tourist being drugged on a date and they drove him all around the city after the women drugged him and took him to different atm’s until his card stopped working and left him for dead on the side of the road.

This is very common here in Colombia and if you don’t understand the culture and who you are hanging out with this will easily become you. How do I know? I was drugged myself, I was with a friend who came to visit and we were having beers at a bar and not looking for girls as we know the deal of what happens when too many gringos come together. A girl asked me where the bathroom was and she blew scopolamine in my face and I was drugged and robbed for everything, woke up in my apartment by 7 police officers smacking my face trying to get me to wake up. I will continue this story in another blog if you’re interested but these are the types of you things you need to look out for on dating apps in Colombia.

Once you get to Colombia and open tinder or hinge or whatever app you’re used to using in your home country you will see profiles of other gringos asking other gringos in the app if they know “this girl?” with a story of how that girl drugged and robbed them and offering cash reward.

It is so common place that it’s a bit of a shock to your system when you start seeing this in real time in your face. It is Colombia you do not need a dating app to get girls, once you realize that, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and possible robbery and death.

If you really want to meet normal good girls that are not going to rob and murder you with their narco boyfriends, use bumble, but even then its very dangerous but you will find more normal girls from good families and homes. Hinge is hinge and its a bit older women on there but bumble has a great mix of higher class girls and not many prostitutes on that app.

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Written by Hunter