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How I Met MARY MAEVE Cute Teen Colombian Head Master

I thought id share this amazing story about MARY MAEVE Obviously you can check out my porn site ‘ Colombian Casting Couch’ If you want to see her in action, but I thought id share some photo’s with you guys and tell you a funny little story about how I met her and if you ever do come to Colombia, Id help you find girls just like this to party and hang out with!

I was grabbing a beer down the street from my apartment and a really cute girl helped me and we started flirting, and girls in Colombia love when you have broken spanish. Fast forward the girl told me that she had an onlyfans and wanted to make some videos or have me help her make some videos and set up her twitter account and she came over and filmed. She told me she has a friend ‘Mary who does cam videos’. She said she will tell her friend to come suck my dick, and that I would not believe the head she will give me. Obviously I was down, bad head is still head haha.

I shit you not, this girl Mary could suck the paint from a door handle, she will clear your sinus and pop your back from the nut you are going to get from this super hot teen colombian latina and she has one of the nicest asses you have ever see, so perfect and perky. Anyway..

Mary and I shot 4 videos together and a three some video where I creampie’d her and her friend. I will put that up here for you guys soon on Colombian Casting Couch. The point of this story is that, being yourself and just interacting with girls how you always wanted to in these ‘3rd world’ countries will get the attention you deserve if you’re a decent guy who is not a creep. No more fighting with these western girls who have the ego of a GOD from the 1st century.

I don’t know about you guys but I am just sick of the soullessness of the women at home and I am happy to have moved on. Also I am a sex addict so this place suits me well. Anyway enjoy the pictures, if you guys ever have questions make sure to follow me on instagram.

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Written by Hunter