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The Tinder And Bumble Scam Is Colombias Biggest Money Maker

Colombia is one of the biggest if not the biggest sex capital in the world and the sex industry is a big thing from cam houses to onlyfans girls and just your basic prostitution and brothels are a huge thing in Colombia. Colombia is the best of both world, you have a very very conservative country but also very very progressive and now you know why they are still in a civil war. However most of the country has now moved on and the F.A.R.C are only active in certain areas and the Colombian people elected a socialist and ex F.A.R.C members to be president and thats not working too well as his kids were just arrested for money laundering.

ANYWAY, the title of this blog is ” The Tinder And Bumble Scam Is Colombia’s Biggest Money Maker “. You’re probably like ..wait what tinder and bumble makes money? DUDE YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA!. In my Apartment alone there is one guy from europe controlling around 5 other girls from all over the world and some from Colombia. Just a geeky little nerd running all these girls, he pays for their apartment’s and all they do is get a text message from him telling them what videos to make and types of pictures etc..

We have become pretty good friends and we go out and drink and stuff and he told me the whole business model. Basically, he gets girls to verify there bumble profiles along with their tinders and hinge. He has a program that he paid around 15 thousand dollars to run multiple profiles at all time, this includes chat function and matching, everything! If you’re interested doing it, the big community is here ‘Mf-club” Just know its $250 entry fee to even register in this community.

He is obviously banging all girls too which is cool but he seems annoyed by them all time and he pulls some scumbag shit on them too but thats his business. So he will buy the travel pass on all these apps and these girls are all beautiful so they get matches one right after another. I am also telling you guys this so you know what to look for because they all do it here in Colombia, I meet tons of guys doing this shit and its making crazy money!. They will then buy proxy’s so it tells the app they are from say Iowa or London and then when you match with them, they will chat with you for 20 minutes or so and then completely stop. No more responses.

The reason they do this is so you want more, they will have their instagram in their bio and usually around 90% of the time the guys will go and follow them on instagram and message them. Sometimes they have their onlyfans in their bio or cashapp etc.. but usually its very lowkey and then you will message them and then sooner or later you are buying content from them while they promise to come see you.

Now you’re probably asking, well how much can they possible make doing this? Seems like a lot of work. DUDE ITS A LOT! I told you that on mf-club there is a $250 dollar entry fee right? That should tell you how big this is! A few of the girls he works with I have fucked too haha and they make usually the first week around 10 thousand dollars and then it will slowly get less and less but I personally think he just pockets it. Peru is big for this also but mostly Colombia.

If you guys have any questions about this hustle and want more info I can always ask my friend for you and you can follow me on my instagram

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Written by Hunter