What Is Tussi? The Party Drug Of Colombia

If you’re from the west you have probably not heard of ‘Tussi’, however there is tussi b and a few other variants but its a completely different drug than Colombian Tussi not just the color, Tussi B has a purple color where as Colombian Tussi is hot pink like barbie pink. Most of us normal people who like to party we partake in a little cocaine and when you’re in Colombia you obviously want to try some Colombian cocaine!

Those days are long gone, Colombia is now only focused on Tussi and the demand is there, Colombians do not really do cocaine they see it as we see meth in the west. Dirty. Which is crazy as fuck to me but it is dirt cheap in Colombia, you can get cocaΓ­na for maybe 10 thousand pesos and its better than anything in America we get from the mexicans. You also get a lot, but you can scale that up from a tiny little gram bag to 50 thousand for a big bag of Peruvian cocaine. From what I understand Colombia has kind of given their Cocaine market to the Peruvians and let me tell you! It is so much better than anything in Colombia!


Wack ass vice did an ok documentary on Tussi but in reality its more of an everything drug. If you want to get girls in Colombia just buy a bunch of this shit, its pretty expensive around 100 thousand for the bigger bag but you can get any girl you want if you have tussi on you.. Now you’re asking what does it do?

It is basically a collection of all types of drugs, so think molly meets old school 00’s ecstasy and LSD. I do not really like it and most of my friends from the west do not like it also. It seems like all Colombians love it though, iv had taxi drivers pick me up and do it while driving. Everyone has cute little pink noses and its just insane how much Colombians love this shit.

I had a bunch of girls and rented a boat in guatape and I spent like $500 on a massive bag of tussi and my dick was seriously so sore after two days of every girl sucking my dick I could hardly walk around, my dick was so sore from all the fucking and sucking the fabric of my underwear hurt my dick. Worth it.


Anyway the high, is all over the place but there is two different types from my understanding and the one you want has the evil bunny logo on, ie the bad bunny the singer’s logo and that is the best one that everyone wants. I had done a bunch one night with friends and started hallucinating in the bathroom for 30 minutes. It is not worth it and it is not fun for someone like me who enjoys uppers and being in control. I never want to be out of control in a situation especially in Colombia where its life or death all the time.

What do you think?


Written by Hunter

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