Are Colombians Racist?

A lot of people from back home in American, ask me if Colombians are racist. With all the woke non-sense in the west this is actually a very valid question from a westerner. It is also not a very easy question to answer as I am half white and half mexican. I have dark hair dark eyes but people in the west see me as a white guy. I also identify with what my father is, irish and native.

When In Colombia people see me as just a gringo but its the same for my black friends also, Colombians can tell right off the bat if you’re a gringo or not. There is no judgment. South America loved their slaves and had a massive slave trade and a lot of blacks are in South America and in Colombia but right off the bat you can tell the difference between western blacks and Colombian black.

Not to be racist but American blacks have a very loud nature and this does not fly in other countries and thats when you will get the racist looks and down right calling you the N word from Colombians. They do not appreciate the disrespect and being so loud. This also goes for Germans, as Germans tend to be very very loud. As far as skin color goes they do not judge, it is a very loving and open culture. I will tell you they do not like Asians and it will be really hard for you to get girls as an asian man in Colombia.

For example, I met this really hot 30 something at the gym and we went to this really really nice place for dinner and an Asian and black man sat next to us and she is from a little town where the Conquistadores had settled, A lot of them. The racist tension I noticed is where the Spanish really settled with each other in these towns and over time they just had kids with each other and not the natives and look very very european with whiter skin and they look down on native colombians for their darker skin and smart stature and that is the racism I would see towards each other daily and she was one of them. When the black and asian people and started laughing, and they were very close to us. She looked at me and said “ew negro, lets move”, I was confused. I am not used to such blantant racism and where the people could clearly hear her say what she was saying.

I automatically thought I was going to get into a fight, she called over the waiter and they moved us. It was very unattractive of a female to that. I don’t care who or what you are but I will give you respect until you do not deserver it. I am 100% not a liberal I cannot stand liberals or socialists or any of that retarded shit but this was just too much for even my dark little heart.

Do not worry about visiting Colombia unless you’re asian.

What do you think?


Written by Hunter