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Drugged And Robbed In Medellin Colombia

A lot of people have heard about the Colombian drug scopolamine, that is used to put victims into a zombie like state. It has almost the same constancy as cocaine and can be put into someone drink or blown in their face. Criminals use it in Colombia to drug their victims and rob them or drain their bank accounts at the direction of the criminals which is usually women.

In my case, I was out having a beer in Poblado (I never go because this is very common to happen to gringos and there is just too many prostitutes to even have a good time). However this night I was with my friend Patrick who is from Virginia and it was his last night. We went to get a bite to eat around 7:30pm and had a beer at a pretty small little bar and then we were going to say our goodbyes and well wishes.

I had just ordered another beer and two girls walked in and one came up to me and asked me for the ‘bano’ (bathroom) and I pointed to the back and thats all I remember. I woke up 3 days later having 5-6 cops smacking my face trying to wake me up in my apartment. Once I woke up, the police picked me up and carried me down the stairs. I could hardly walk. The best way to discribe this is how a cat reacts when they get their whiskers cut.

This is a main reason why I started this blog, I want to teach others who are going to vacation,sex tourism or to live the dangers of the Colombian culture and you being a target as a foreigner. I had a 70 year old man I would work out with and he told me “you could be here 30 years and you will never understand our culture as a foreigner” after a year, I completely understand what he is saying. However it is what makes Colombia and its people so amazing in my opinion. I just wished they wouldn’t drug me.

I am around 6’3 225lbs, Colombians are generally very small people so looking back at these guys carrying me down the stairs is a bit comical but they managed to do it, when I got downstairs the girls who robbed me were handcuffed to a poll and crying. The officers kept asking me are these the women who robbed you? I was speaking in my mind but later I found out in the police report is that I couldn’t form any words. I went right back to bed once they got me upstairs and slept it off until the next day.

I had nothing, it was very traumatic, they stole my wallet my phone etc.. I couldn’t access my bank or contact my family. The women were very very stupid and used their real id’s when they entered my building and that was my only saving grace in this horrible moment. I was so lucky to had my apartment with a door man, make note of this, even if you are staying for a short time make sure you get a place with security and a doorman. This will save your life and a lot of headache, these girls have to check in with their ID and the doorman will run their ID through the Colombian federal database using the number on their ID to make sure its real. If it comes back real they will let them go to your room.

When I finally came too my door man gave me all the infomation from the ID’s the girls used and I could hardly walk but I just left my building and walked around until I found police officers and handed them the letter and they walked me to do the closest police station and they got me a taxi to centro, where the prosecutors office is and they took all my information.

Lucky for me I had the police log on to my whatsapp to get some information and my friend Julie (a girl I do porn with) left a message asking if I am ok? She had saw me the night I was drugged at a club in centro. Centro is the center of the city and its very dangerous for colombians after 6pm let a lone a gringo. It was a club called disco 70 and its actually an amazing club I have been to many times. However the girls took me there after I was drugged and had me buy a bunch of bottles and drugs.

My friend Julie said she had came up to me and gave me a hug because she automatically knew something was wrong when she saw me with those two girls. The detective asked her in a message on whatsapp if she would call him and right away and within a few minutes they were on the phone, it just so happens she knows the owner of the club and was able to get footage of the girls and me and that was all they needed and two hours later they were arrested and have been in prison ever sense. I had to attend their sentencing which was very difficult as I dont have the best spanish but while I was in the prosecutors office there was a group of other guys who were drugged that night too and a few other deaths that had happened.

I had to fly back to america for a couple weeks to get my life back in order and my family and friends were deathly worried and needed to see me. I was very lucky but this is a warrning to the dangers of anyone traveling in Colombia, I was not looking for girls or partying just saying goodbye to a friend and I was drugged and robbed. Please be careful and you can always message me with any questions you may have on instagram!

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Written by Hunter

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