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I Use StripChat To Have Sex With Hot Girls

If you’re a sex addict like me you know all the cam site! Chaturbate,MFC and Stripchat , however Stripchat is where you can actually meet and fuck girls from the service. I know they will probably send a take down request to google for this but I wont remove it, fuck them. It’s the best service for getting pussy. I have been using it for years and also use it to get new girls for more porn site. I get models to do onlyfans with also all through stripchat. The other services ban certain keywords so you cant give each others info but you can always hit them up on social media accounts but you’re just one of a billion dudes messaging them. Believe me, I know. My girlfriend is a cam girl and you should see her unread messages on instagram holy fuck bro.

Ok so you can browse by whatever niche you want, I always look for trannies, nah im kidding I always go to Latinas. Look for whatever your country is, its like browsing a catalog and you’re picking out your next outfit. Only this outfit you’re wearing is a nice cozy vagina on your little penis.

Ok so find the girl you want.. This wont work for everyone it depends on your game and looks of course but you can find whores who will fuck for money all day on here but obviously life is easier if you’re good looking or have money

Anyway, ok you found the girl you want? Make sure you sign up you get free tokens here.

This way you have a balance and you don’t need to spend anything. I mean unless you’re a broke bitch you can spend $20 but if you’re on a budget in this economy I understand. So if you are not flying to a certain country this wont work, or they aren’t in your country, I don’t need to explain this do i? Obviously if you’re not retarded, Just find what girl is most convenient in the location to you.

ok you have the girl you want, use the free 50 tokens, drop that at once and tell her to check her dm’s. Get your best IG pictures ready or just end her your @ in the dm. She will be fucking stoked! Obviously you want a girl with barely anyone in her stream so you stand out more, but once you perfect your game you can go for the bigger fish, so I suggest going after the new girls on the platform.

She will be super stoked, send her your whatsapp through the dm, again no other platform allows this. They will almost ALWAYS text you on whatsapp when you do this. Make sure you send your fucking instagram @ or something so they can at least see who you are. You can run 10 girls a night doing this.

Chat them up, get the details, ask them if they wanna do porn or if you can meet up.. whatever the goal is. And that is legit it. This all depends on your level game. The loop hole is that you can exchange personal information. I am in a very big sex tourism spot so usually these girls live / work around me and we hang out the next day.

Hope it works out!

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Written by Hunter