Amouranth Aka Scamouranth Onlyfans Is A Scam

Amouranth aka Scamouranth is one of or was one of the biggest twitch slurts for the past few years (no idea why, she kinda gross honestly.)((buff ass arms lookin like my homie Greg at the gym)) Anyway, She was massive, has stolen most of her ideas from Belle Delphine when she was super big, selling her bath water and other hustles, Amouranth did the same thing and then started selling her farts in a jar for awhile too.

Well she has now left twitch for the new streaming platform kick, she got a huge contract to head over there and stream for them. Anyway shes still selling her “porn videos”, and it is know she is a huge scammer with her ‘content’, She started doing sexy cosplay and bikini stuff. However she is on the slow decent into porn and its a very slow decent into porn! Holy fuck its slow, and she is just milking and scamming her fans a long the way.

She is such a bad scammer that the fans she did scam started a telegram channel just to talk shit about her content and how much she scams them and they attack her relentlessly and you can check out the community here, there is some onlyfans leaks of her content there but this is just to make sure you know my story is factual. You can check out what they are saying about her here.

Well it looks like it is invite only, but you can message me on instagram here and ill send you an invite if you’re interested but anyway, with over 111k members, this is a massive group with a lot of ex fans of the streamers.

So the way her scam works is pretty much the same as any other onlyfans models. They will say something like, “hey I am fully nude in this new scene pay $40 to see it now” and they will blur out the good shit in the promo pictures. When you get the content there is barely a nipple or maybe you see it through a bra. Amouranth has been perfecting this scam for sometime and once the fans get wise to her grift they stop paying, and she will push the boundaries a tiny bit more like showing a little bit of pussy lip.

Well now the final straw was her “blowjob video” charging up to $90 dollars for the video and it just being a plastic dildo. If you’re looking to buy from her, no idea why you would she kinda beat up bro. Anyway, just beware the content you’re getting is mid at best.

What do you think?


Written by Hunter