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Vane The Cute Tattoo Latina Teen

This is Vane, she is one of the first girls I met in Colombia. I was walking down the street and was asking my friend where good tacos were and she heard me and told me to follow her and she would show us! We ended up hanging out for a week straight just having sex and partying. She is a great girl and her tattoos are awesome. Horrible life story she has had but she is a great girl and we are still friends today. My apartment got flooded and had to stay in this hotel and she would come over and listen to music and we would take pictures and I thought her outfit was so cool and here is a few photo’s from that day.

If you really love beautiful latinas, there is nothing better than a Paisa Colombiana! I will drop my instagram below if you guys ever have questions or would like to meet up with girls in Colombia or just want to go out and get drinks you can always hit me up for the best clubs and more importantly keep you guys safe while you’re visiting.

Vane The Cute Tattoo Latina Teen

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