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Best Way To Party In Colombia

I am going to make a guide you guys can purchase for a few sheckles in the next few weeks but I will tell you the best way to party here that is comfortable and safe, if you do it through me. If you just go trusting people in Colombia to do this for you it will end bad like you will fucking die bad. I do not like to tell people the most important things because this information are things you you acquire with experience and just telling the world is not very smart as I took a lot of risk to get where I am today. You can be like every other moron that goes to Colombia to get your dick sucked but you wont have a real experience you will just be used for your money and most likely drugged. Anyway…

You can do what ever retard does and go to Poblado and go to the clubs there and have a great time, dont get me wrong its a good time but you will be around all the other gringos and ALL the girls are prostitutes so if that is your thing and paying a premium (American / Euro) prices for everything then go ahead and do that but if you want an authentic experience you need to rent a ‘finca’ or a mansion. There are fincas you can get outside the city which are massive estates you rent by the blocks of 5 – 7 hours and they all have different rules but you get a massive place with a pool and all the best shit and tons of land and some have really cool features. Which I have done and they are fun but its really hard to get a lot of girls to go to places so far unless you are having a third party arrange it for you. The girls will all be whores but you will get your dick sucked and have fun. The price tag will be a lot more though.

This was from a party I had for a friends birthday I usually never take my phone out because I am fucked up but I happened to capture this little party. These fincas are different and are in my opinion way better for a close get together with the homies and its in the city so you can get as many girls as you want sent to you. They have little finca villages set up for this, basically neighborhoods filled with little mansions and depending on what you want you can have it.

For around 700k pesos you can get a heated pool, 3 bedrooms, saunas a dj, drugs (anything you want) and girls. Non stop every three hours. They charge your card or bring cash and its non stop, they come check on you every three hours. They will have stripper poles and hot tubs whatever you want. I think that day I fucked damn near half the city at least twenty whores lol. I spent around 5 grand that night and that is like a million dollars there lol.

The best part about this is, that it is safe and controlled. You let in who you want, the girls are vetted by the finca’s and only the best drugs. If you have questions about visting Colombia and want a good time follow me on instagram or join the loyalfans and shoot me message.

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Written by Hunter