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My Girlfriend Is A Cam Girl On Chaturbate

My girlfriend is a total babe right, I think she is perfect the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my entire life. She knows she a bad too which is mad annoying but she is. It’s not her fault. I get to benefit from her looks so its a win win.

If you never been on chaturbate or used an adult streaming site, it is basically a bunch of people fucking and suckin but you can search by niche and shit like teens or latina etc..

You can check it out here for research 😉

Anyway, My girlfriend is one of the top cam girls and makes a lot of money but you know deep down it bugs the fuck out of me, I think as man it bugs me. I know she is only doing it for a little while, while she is beautiful but I don’t trust anyone and it stresses me out that dudes are looking at my girl like that you know?

It doesn’t start fights or anything but I wish she wasn’t doing it but here I am fucking whores and fucking them with her and she doesn’t say anything. It’s an inner conflict.

I thought id just rant about this as this is my journal now. She spoils me and I spoil her so its nice and she is always making sure to stay beautiful and in shape. Normally girls gets out of shape after a year into a relationship and start looking like their mothers or little mutants. Mine is staying on point and ill have to get me a new upgraded model if she starts getting fat or a fupa, fuck that shit.

Anyway, this is how I am handling it.

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Written by Hunter