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Is Mikaela Lafuente The Hottest IG Model Right Now?

This is Mikaela Lafuente and one of the hottest models right now with the most juiciest perfect ass! This is a real natural ass too not one of those Kim Kardashian or god forbid that fucking mutant Blac Chyna. Fucking puke bro. I have no idea why all the blacks like those big nasty fake asses.

I have been working in porn for a really long time and I have and own a few shemale / trans tube porn sites. I see those giant fake nasty asses all the time. They look like giant tranny shemale asses, they do not move. They are rock hard visibly, and as they age the big fake asses start to migrate. I am pretty sure they use synthol that body builders use for more define muscles and shit, anyway the synthol will slowly travel down to their ankles. Making there legs and ass look fucking gross after a few years.

Mikaela Lafuente on the other hand, her body is just a natural work of art. She is so bad ass, imagine that shit bouncing on you GOD DAMN!!!! if you don’t know who she is you do now. You’re welcome homies.

What do you think?


Written by Hunter