Has Dillon Danis Gone To Far Posting Nina Agdal?

As the creator of “revenge porn”, by the way that name is so fucking gay. A lot of people are asking me what I think of Dillon Danis and what he is doing. I think its awesome. I love watching the bitching and moaning for weak men and all the IG and Twitter Thot’s going crazy saying he is mean.

Those photo’s he is posting are just photo’s Nina Agdal had taken by the paparazzi when she called them! So what the fuck? She obviously consented lol, that shit is there for everyone to see by her!

I mean look at this thirst trap he just posted. She looks hella good and she posted that on her social media accounts for the world to see. You know these whores need to be shamed even more in my opinion. So Dillion is an evil guy for posting what you posted publicly?

When I was prison I paid 2 books for stamps (like 28 dollars) for a laminated picture of Nina Agdal so I could jack off to her in the shower. It was from what of the sport magazine swimsuit years. The laminated pictures were a lot of money because you can put them on the wall in the shower and the water would make them stick so you can go hands free and re-use or rent out the photos if you needed some extra cash.

Will he get in trouble? No, lol. he is fine.

What do you think?


Written by Hunter

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