Having A Netflix Documentary Come Out About You

A lot of people ask me what it is like having a netflix documentary come out about you. It is a bit difficult to explain if you think the media tells the truth about anything. Let alone a documentary which is obviously going to take one side when there is three sides to every story. My side, their side and the truth.

I had the pleasure of being a public figure, and I spent majority for my time fighting with stupid ‘journalists”. If it was up to me these people would be not around to write anything. Journalist’s are a threat to everyone’s way a life and should be treated like a sub-class that they are. I have told my story countless times to journalists from Vice,Forbes,Rolling Stone all the big stupid names. Not one of them quoted me correctly. They do love to take what you say out of context.

If you don’t know about my story, well you can google me but you wont get any truth about what happened, you can buy my book to get an inside look into the full story of Is Anyone Up!? if you’re interested in that but this will just be a short and sweet blog about what its like. Nothing less or more thats it.

You can buy my book here.

I have had many if not all the big players in old Media, Hbo,showtime,lifetime etc.. all approach me for documentaries and every time they will gas you up and tell how they want to “tell the real story”, its all lies and if you ever have something like this happen to you, just know you are being fucked with. There is a term in show business that these cockroaches tend to use and that is ‘cooking’ they ‘cook’ the content. Meaning they fucking lie to make it more entertaining than it is. They are willing to lie to your fucking face to make a garbage documentary or video. if you’re not completely retarded you will be able to find this out rather quick.

Take Erin Carr for example who came to my parents house after I was arrested to make a documentary about me for
HBO. I hated her the moment I saw her. However I think her camera man Brian was really genuine guy. This is a liberal who has no real content in her life. An inner city liberal moron who only has her career because of her father. Trying to tell me I am horrible person and sell my life story as some evil bad man. I mean I am, I am bad ass but still she’s a liberal moron, cant have that.

So when netflix approached me, I was actually living in Tulum Mexico, I had just gotten off probation and went straight to Mexico and lived there for about 8 or 9 months just chillin and working from my laptop. This is was before every trust fund kid started going to tulum. I wanted that cartel experience and got it. Getting my dick sucked on the beach and just chillin, washing away the last ten years of annoyance.

So when I got the call from netflix I was cracking up, fuck these people, the same types. Inner city liberals wanting to make a documentary but it was even worse they were from the UK. I am a MAN, nothing makes me more sick than an inner city british liberal. Puke. Anyway, they begged me for weeks. Even had the CFO of netflix call and tell me that they will send me advanced screeners of ‘Don’t fuck with cats’. I don’t think I ever watched it.

The more and more they gased me up, I kinda wanted to do it but I told them if they want to come interview me they need to come to mexico which they said was too dangerous but when I go to the states they will fly me to NYC. My family and friends told me not to and eventually I just led them on. I started just getting as much info on who was involved and what the plan was, where and when they were shooting etc. Get them to admit certain things I could use for my case when I eventually sue them.

We are currently in the discovery process of suing them right now, we are almost done but cant play my hand as its been a year from the day it was released.

When the documentary did come out, I got noticed, it was because I had notification on from the netflix apps for new arrival’s. I had it on for this reason. Netflix is mad lame so I never watched it but I knew this is how they would spam it out. When I saw that little bubble on my phone. I knew immediately it was going to be a shit storm and a few hours later the blogs starting coming out. All the homies texting me cracking the fuck up.

What netflix does and most companies do is, they buy up a bunch of blogs, typically aged blogs with high DA, whatever nerd internet shit and they will write one blog and post it over and over on all these blogs + sponsored blog posts on more known sites like variety etc..

So I was getting hit non-stop with this promo for about 5 days.

Let me just show you think, this is Erin Carr from HBO who was going to make a documentary about me, look at the ‘content’ she makes from her photo’s. This is what happens when you are handed everything in life, zero struggle. Just the current thing the media tells to do and be. Hillarious void of any talent. Check her ‘art’ here.

Anyway, before the documentary dropped I was moving to Colombia so I was only in the states for a week after it dropped and it had a bit of a slow burn. It was only around week two where it hit trending on netflix and by that time, I was in Colombia living life and people in Colombia couldn’t understand how that was a crime let alone why they would make a whole netflix documentary about it lol.

At the end of the day it was just a bit over wheleming with the attention but besides getting me pussy and selling a shit ton of books on amazon, the attention blew over by 2 and half weeks and life was back to normal. The general population of people are retarded and have no attention span.

You will survive its nothing but a blip in your life.

ok bye.

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Written by Hunter