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Why Wont Mia Khalifa Just Go Away?

I am just venting before I post more porn for the homies, but I have a few rants today so get ready for this shit. I will be clogging up my twitter feed tonight, sorry. kinda not really.

Bro, I am so fucking tired of this stupid bitch and her fucked up wonky ass titties saying shit and having these women and gay dude run instagram and media pages quoting this bitch. Do you remember a few years ago when she got out of porn and tried to do a sports show and was blasting football and basketball players hitting her up in her Dm’s and then just blasting them and clownin g them. I am sorry but she looks like a little mole rat who somehow survived a suicide bombing for isis and they had to put her tits back together. Have you seen her milkers bro? They’re fucking gross. Wait let me grab a pictures.

I look at porn for a living and have a couple tranny tube sites I run and lowkey there is some good looking trannies out there. ITS NOT GAY, ok whatever fight me, but bro look at those titties, there are trannies from caves in fucking brazil that have better boob jobs than that shit. Did the doctor fall asleep? Did she get them done from someone on craigslist? Like this is a biggest mystery than how bad she is at sex.

I am just wondering when people will stop pushing this stupid bitch. She tried the feminist shi t and pushing the “yasss queen” movement but she ended up just divorced three times and is now telling women not to get married. I mean who the fuck is this little rat, can we all just get together and tell her to shut the fuck and run her off the internet unless she is going to give everyone what they want and thats her spreading her ass and sucking dick for us to jack off to. Sorry am I mean? whatever fuck her.

Remember when she was saying manwin (the owners of pornhub) exploited her and never paid her and then they came with recipts and were like, wtf are you talking about we paid you this and that and then we magically never heard about it again.

Here is the link about her lying and its not just that this bitch lies about everything.

Us as men, need to start running these hoes off the internet, we created civilization and I am tired of having to listed to cock gobblers tell me ANYTHING.

Anyway I am done fuck that hoe.

What do you think?


Written by Hunter