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19 Year Old Luisa Skinny Latina Teen

This is 19 Year Old Luisa Skinny Latina Teen, she is very very very tiny, if you are interested she is on our main site getting railed, cum on her face and having threesomes. She is one of the most shy girls I have ever worked with and I have worked with very very shy girls. However she not like any other shy girl where they just lay there when they fuck and don’t really enjoy it because they cant just let go. Not sure you guys understand what I mean but anyway, she is the opposite, you cant get a fucking word out of this girl unless you’re like looking her dead in the eyes and waiting for a response.

So when we first did our very first video it was very difficult because she wouldn’t talk and I didnt know what she was into! Dude, it didnt matter the second she touched my dick she turned into a fucking freak! There is not an army in the world that can satisfy this girl, she just loves big dick and she tells you that while she basically makes love to your dick. its AWESOME haha.

So the reason I posted these pictures for you guys is because we tried to do anal in this video but her asshole is so small it just would not go in. There is a picture below where you can see how big my dick is compared to her whole body and my dick is like half her body lol. Everytime we almost got my dick in her asshole it would just pop it back out, thats why I had her start fucking that dildo on the floor.

She later on got me many many many models around 15 – 20 girls after she told me she was a lesbian, yeah right! I just think she got a boyfriend or something. Anyway hope you guys enjoy!

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